William Charles Stanley Greaves 1895-1981

William Charles Stanley GREAVES is my great grandfather. He was the son of Harry GREAVES and Alexandrina Monteith JOHNSTON(E), born at 11 Linscott Road, Lower Clapton, Middlesex on 15 August 18951.

When and Where BornNameSexName and Surname of FatherName, Surname and Maiden Name of MotherOccupation of FatherInformantWhen Registered
15 August 1895. 11 Linscott RoadWilliam Charles StanleyBoyHarry GREAVESAlexandrina Monteith GREAVES formerly JOHNSTONEJourneyman painterA. M. GREAVES. Mother. 11 Linscott Road, Lower Clapton01 October 1895

1901 Census

In 1901, William Charles Stanley GREAVES was living with his parents Harry and Alexandrina GREAVES at 39 Hassett Road, Hackney2. William was 5 years old, and was the only child in the family. William did have an older sister, Millie Constance Campbell GREAVES who had died of diarrhoea exhaustion in infancy on 13 January 18953.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadCondition as to MarriageAgeProfession or OccupationWhere Born
Harry GREAVESHeadMarried28Decorator PaintHackney, London
Alexandrina M GREAVESWifeMarried30Leith, Scotland
Charles W GREAVESSon5Hackney, London

1911 Census

In 1911, William was living at 21 Chippendale Street, Homerton4, with Harry GREAVES and his second wife, Lizzie. Harry and Lizzie had 3 children together: Constance (born abt. 1907), Harry (born abt. 1909), and Charles James (born abt. 1910). William Charles Stanley GREAVES was unemployed. I have been told that he had an unhappy home life after his father remarried, which is why he joined the Navy in his teens. I am not going to write up his military records here, but they can be found on www.ancestry.co.uk.

Name and SurnameRelationship to HeadAgeParticulars as to MarriageChildrenPersonal OccupationBirthplace
Harry GREAVESHead39MarriedBuilders ForemanHomerton, London
Lizzie GREAVESWife24Married 5 years3 children, 3 living, 0 diedHouseworkLeeds, Yorkshire
William Charles GREAVESSon16SingleUnemployedClapton, London
Constance GREAVESDaur.4SingleHomerton
Harry GREAVESSon2SingleHomerton
Charles James GREAVESSon10 monthsSingleHomerton

1939 Register

In 1939 William and Helen (Hester) GREAVES were living at 73 Blyth Road, Hammersmith, Middlesex5. They had 3 children who were born during the 1930s, but none of them were living with their parents when the register was taken on 29 September 1939. This ties in with the story that when my grandfather was a child he was a refugee during WWII. The 1939 census also says that William and Helen were married, but really they weren’t…..!!

Surnames and Other NamesM or FBirth Day and YearS, M, W or DPersonal Occupation
William GREAVESM15 August 1895MPainter
Helen GREAVESF14 December 1908MDomestic duties


William Charles Stanley GREAVES and Helen (Hester) Mary BEGADON were married on 30 January 1961 at The Register Office, Wycombe, Buckinghamshire6.

William Charles Stanley GREAVES was married to Alice Maud READER7 before he met Hester BEGADON so he was not able to marry Hester while he was still married. Hester was raised Irish Catholic and didn’t like the gossip about them being unwed – so they registered her children under the name GREAVES (instead of BEGADON, which would have been required by law at that time), and told everyone that they were married. Then, as soon as they were able to, they married in the Registry Office in secret.

When MarriedName and SurnameAgeConditionRank or ProfessionResidenceFather’s Name and SurnameRank or Profession of Father
30 January 1961William Charles Stanley GREAVES65 yearsPrevious marriage dissolvedPainter1 Elm Road, Booker, High WycombeHarry GREAVES (deceased)Painter
Helen GREAVES formerly known as BEGADON52 yearsSpinsterDomestic worker1 Elm Road, Booker, High WycombePatrick Joseph BEGADON (deceased)Journalist


William Charles Stanley GREAVES died on 26 December 1980 at Wycombe General Hospital, High Wycombe Buckinghamshire8. He was cremated at Chilterns Crematorium, Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

Date and Place of Death:26 December 1980. Wycombe General Hospital, High Wycombe
Name and Surname:William Charles Stanley GREAVES
Date and Place of Birth:15 August 1895. Hackney, London
Occupation and Usual Address:Painter and decorator (retired). 8 Sycamore Road, Booker, High Wycombe
Name of Informant:Ronald GREAVES
Cause of death:1a. Bronchopneumonia. b. C.A. Head Pancreas.
Date of Registration:29 December 1980
William Charles Stanley GREAVES. From the family photo collection.

Family Members:

Wife:Hester Mary BEGADON 1907-1992
Father:Henry (Harry) GREAVES 1872-1924
Mother:Alexandrina Monteith JOHNSTON 1864-1907

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