Ben is still in the honeymoon period with his new drone (as introduced last week in Thurgoland from Above). I must admit, out of all the gadgets that he has bought in the past the drone is one of my favourites. I love all the photos we have of the children, and now we can see everyone from a new perspective. He has wanted to go to Wharncliffe Crags to get some footage of an awesome family walk.

2 weeks ago we went to nearby Greno Woods looking for bluebells, and although we enjoyed our walk and found an activity trail for the kids, we didn’t find any bluebells. We are still fairly new to the area, and due to the travel restrictions in place because of Corona I wasn’t going to search anymore. We lucked-out this week because there were bluebells all through Wharncliffe Woods, which is only a little further down the road from Greno Woods. I just wanted to get some portraits of the kids, which we haven’t done for ages! (and Isabel also took portraits of us).

Through the other side of the woods we found Wharncliffe Crags. Wharncliffe Crags is a rocky edge that runs for about 2 miles with views out towards Stocksbridge.

I’m not as scared as I used to be with boys on rocky edges since we go to these types of places regularly now we live near the peak district. The boys are even getting braver and were happily climbing all over the rock face. I did hold on tightly to the Sam’s hand because he is 3, fearless, and moves like lightening.

Here is my favourite video from the day. Our family on the edge of Wharncliffe Crags.

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