We are so lucky to be living within a few minutes of this lovely National Trust property – Wentworth Castle Gardens. I have heard from other locals that it has only been in the National Trust’s possession for a couple of years now.

We have been members of the National Trust since the kids were very little, so I love that we have a place so close that we can go to. It is an absolute bonus that they have just built a big castle-themed playground for the children. I have found to be very busy during the summer holidays but quiet during term time. Perfect for this year and next before Sam starts school. I have already been there 3 times since the big house move – so the photos I am sharing are from 3 different visits!

The first time we went with my family when my sister was visiting from America. There was a huge group of us, including 10 children. We had a picnic at the play area and it was a lovely place to sit for an hour or so while the kids played. We took our own blankets which was fortunate because there aren’t many seats or benches there. There is also a cafe and toilets nearby.

The Gardens

After relaxing while the kids played, we went for a walk. When we are all together we are always so busy chatting that no one follows any signs or maps. We given maps at the entrance. We walked around the gardens but there was no sign of a castle. The gardens were beautiful with all the summer flowers in bloom so we stopped for a while to take photos of the cousins.

As we walked past the house, the kids were tempted by this hill and they all stopped to roll down it. Even the adults were tempted to give it a go! The next time we visited a few weeks later, there was a sign saying that this spot was good for hill-rolling! I like to believe we inspired that with our crazy happy kids rolling down the hill on that lovely afternoon.

Hill rolling at Went

On our second visit, it was just me and my 4 boys. There were summer holidays activities held every day AT THE CASTLE. So this time I had my map and I headed straight there! It was easy to get to and I regretted not thinking of finding it the first time. After all it is a castle garden, there had to be a castle somewhere! The cousins would have loved it.

The Castle

At the castle they had hobby horses, tennis, and archery. We were there early but it was already busy so we didn’t get a chance to do all the activities. We did walk around what was left of the castle (it’s not big) but I did like how it was safe for the little kids to explore a little on their own. With adventurous boys you never know what they will get up to.

The Parkland

I love taking the kids out to new places, and I’m glad that even though we have visited thrice, it was different every time. They have walks through the 500 acre parkland too which I’d like to go back and explore another time. I was lucky enough to spy the fallow deer that live in the estate when I was with the boys.

What did you think of Wentworth Castle Gardens? If you have a chance to visit, leave a comment below and let me know what you enjoyed doing there, and if there is anything else I have missed!!

Clare xx

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