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Who doesn’t love a good hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day? Or as Hotel Chocolat would have you believe a good hot chocolate as pre/post gym workout drink. 

On the 25th December 2018 the Hotel Chocolate Velvetiser arrived in our household and it’s been a big hit. I recently stopped going into the office and converted to a home worker and because we don’t drink tea or coffee I’ve now started to enjoy a mid-morning dose of chocolate goodness. 

One of the biggest draws of the Velvetiser is how easy and quick it works, you put the milk in, rip open a sachet of chocolate and in 2 minutes 30 seconds you have a deliciously smooth and tasty beverage. The biggest drawback is the costs of fuelling this addiction. The chocolate sachet contains real crushed Hotel Chocolat Chocolate at £1.20 a pop, the flavours are also quite limited. Personally I don’t like bitter chocolate and that theme runs through almost all their sachets such as Dark Honduras 100%, Dark 70%, even the milky 50% isn’t to my taste. Only the salted caramel reaches the place others can’t. 

Enter the Alternative Flavour Challenge! 

The Flavour Challenge

On one Saturday afternoon the kids and I decided to do a taste testing challenge with various alternative options, I use the word challenge as I’ve never drank so much hot chocolate in my life, I’m still on the sugar high 2 days later. 

We pitted the following choices against each other and broke down the challenge into 3 sections. How easy it was to prepare, how well it blended and how good it tasted.

Click here to watch the YouTube video of the challenge, to find out which chocolate we thought was the best.

Where to buy

The chocolates that we tried in the video are Galaxy Caramel, Double Decker, Mars, Flake, Caramac, Callebaut Milk Chocolate Callets, Callebaut White Chocolate Callets, and Callebaut Caramel Chocolate Callets.

Other flavours mentioned are Callebaut 70.5% dark chocolate.

The price per serving for the Callebaut is £0.35, based on purchasing the 2.5kg bags from Amazon.

If you have any other suggestions for flavours to try, then please leave a comment below.

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