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Traditional Advent Calendars

I was out shopping with the children a few weeks ago and I saw an advent calendar made of card. I told the kids “I used to have one of those when I was a little girl”.  I was very young, before chocolate advent calendars came into my life. I can still remember the excitement I felt opening the door every day and seeing the picture inside.

Do you know how my darling child replied to this?… “What’s the point??”.

I suppose my children are now growing up in a world where there is an advent calendar with nearly everything inside – chocolate, makeup, perfumes, toys, alcohol… and although my imagination is limited there are many more options out there for alternative advent calendars.

Family Traditions

I might be old fashioned, because I love traditions. It has been traditional for our family to buy the chocolate calendars every year, but now I am looking at alternatives to start a new tradition. A tradition that is about having something long-lasting and meaningful to our family.

I have been looking at these great advent calendars from Not on the High Street, to start our new family tradition this Christmas. I need to get one soon because November is passing me by!! Like every year, this one has gone faster than the one before.

Happy Holidays Gingerbread Man Advent Calendar Block – £9 Not on the High Street

I love this cute little gingerbread man for so many reasons. Firstly, gingerbread men will always remind me of my daughter. When she was little we used to walk into the village in an afternoon, go to the park, and buy a gingerbread man from the bakers. She called them “Diddy-bed men”. So that’s what they are in our house. And secondly, my Granny has a set of blocks which show the day of the week, date, and month. She has had them forever and used to keep them on top of her TV (before she had a flat-screen!). We used to live next door to my grandparents and we would go and visit them nearly daily. The first thing we would do was argue over who would change the date on the blocks.

Personalised Advent Calendar Fabric Snowman £23.99, Not on the High Street

This snowman reminds me of the first Christmas we spent at my sister-in-law’s house. She is an amazing hostess and she had bought my 4 (at the time) children personalised stockings. Her husband dressed up as Father Christmas, and my older children saw him walking around the back of the house on Christmas Eve. There were a lot of accusations flying about who was the real Father Christmas. When Sam came along we weren’t able to find the same stockings as the others, but we bought him one very similar and it looks just like this snowman. I love that it can be personalised – perhaps with a surname if you wanted to keep it for all the kids, and then the grandkids?

24 x Christmas Advent Calendar Tree Hanging Sacks £26, Not on the High Street

These bags are awesome. I don’t really have any memories for this one. (phew, right?) I just love them and I think they are a great idea. I’m not sure if my mother in law is reading this, but this would look great on their tree!

White Forest Light Up Wooden Advent Calendar £42, Not on the High Street

This is the one. I can imagine this on the mantlepiece of our new home year after year. How great is it as well that you can put little gifts in the drawers (yes, it will probably be chocolate) and then every year it can sit in the same spot, and have something new inside. It will be a relief not to have 5 flimsy disposable chocolate calendars piled up on the kitchen side this year.

I don’t mean to wax lyrical about all my Christmas advent-calendar-related memories, but that is just “me”. My brother always tells me I have a good memory to recall random things that other people forget. I often wonder what my children will remember about their childhood. (Probably the year I took their chocolate advent calendars away!!)

Do you have any great Christmas traditions that you have kept from your childhood? I would love to know.

Clare x

This post wasn’t sponsored by Not on the High Street, it is just somewhere I like to shop. However, if you click a link I might earn a small commission. Thank you.


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