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The Cat Game Review

When we saw The Cat Game, we were really excited to play. The box itself has provided some amusement to the younger children, and I kept telling them “at the weekend” but they just couldn’t wait that long! Even Sam couldn’t leave the furry box alone.

The Cat Game is a drawing game with 3 CAT-egories – fLICKS (movies), PURRsons and PURRfessions, and CAT-tivities (actions).

The difference with this game is that you need to use a cat in all of your drawings. The game comes with cut-out cats that you put in your erasable drawing board, 2 drawing boards and 2 pens.

The box says suitable for ages 16 and up, but as we are rebels we let our 5 year old join in, as well as the older children (ages 10, 11, and 13). The only thing that I noticed is that they were not able to draw/guess the movies but they enjoyed the CAT-tivities.

There are different versions of the game to play, depending on how many players you have. We decided to take it in turns to draw and didn’t keep score. We really enjoyed laughing at how we had used our cats in the drawings.

This is definitely a game that we will play again. We had loads of fun and laughs together. If you are interested in buying The Cat Game, you can buy it here on Amazon.

Clare x

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