The Lost Gardens Of Heligan, Cornwall

We first discovered The Lost Gardens of Heligan for ourselves on our first trip to Cornwall 9 years ago. Back then our oldest three children were quite young, and the Gardens have changed a bit since then (of course! That’s the nature of gardens). We found that The Gardens had a lot more to offer the children this time around – especially with the improvements they have made in The Jungle area

Dover Castle, Kent

As we were in Kent during half term visiting Grandparents, we decided that we would try to take the children to Dover Castle because neither Ben or I had been before and it’s fun to go somewhere new. We were hoping to combine the visit with a walk along the White Cliffs, but although we were experiencing an unusually warm February, the coast was covered in fog.

Kilsby Village, Northamptonshire

Shortly after we moved to Northampton from Kent in 2011, I made a big discovery on my paternal line. I found out that the Greaves family lived in Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire between 1800’s and 1500’s. I was going through a phase of questioning where “home” was for me. It made me feel more settled in Northamptonshire, knowing that my family lived here hundreds of years before me.

Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire

It was quiet at Kenilworth, and there weren’t many children around for this late in the summer holidays. I let the kids lead the way and I just followed to supervise and keep them safe. I pushed the empty pushchair while Sam held my hand and walked beside me. Sometimes the older children would take Sam’s hand for a few minutes before handing him back to me so they can run off to investigate something new.

Hollywood Boulevard, California

I had no idea how many stars there were on the Walk of Fame. There are around 2,500 stars that cover 15 blocks. It was really exciting at first, spotting all the names of celebrities. The kids didn’t recognise many names – but they did see a few: Daniel Radcliffe, Donald Trump, Shrek, Winnie the Pooh. We read as many as we could, but the streets were inevitably busy with tourists, street performers, and cameramen.