Kilsby Village, Northamptonshire

Shortly after we moved to Northampton from Kent in 2011, I made a big discovery on my paternal line. I found out that the Greaves family lived in Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire between 1800’s and 1500’s. I was going through a phase of questioning where “home” was for me. It made me feel more settled in Northamptonshire, knowing that my family lived here hundreds of years before me.

Rookery Open Farm, Northamptonshire

I have wanted to take Sam out for his first solo outing since he turned one last month. Obviously he has been out with the family many times since his first outing a year ago when we took him at 6 week old to Whipsnade Zoo. Usually he sits in the pushchair and tags along, but now he has adjusted to his new shoes he is good to go.

Canons Ashby – Silver Bells Trail

Max has been feeling poorly for the last few days, and today has woken up his usual energetic self. The house has been turned upside down recently due to the fact I have been decorating 2 bedrooms, it was time to get out and run around.
Canons Ashby is our nearest National Trust property, and their Silver Bells trail sounded like some Christmas fun.