Bishops’ House, South Yorkshire

I was talking to my Mum and my sister about coming to South Yorkshire to visit this weekend and I mentioned that Oliver needed to do a project for his Tudor homework. Usually I leave it up to the kids to decide how they want to do their own projects, but sometimes these projects are displayed to the parents and I’m always the one who cringes because we should have made more of an effort!

Stirling Castle, Scotland

We learnt a little bit about Stirling castle’s occupation and development throughout its history, and the tour guide had loads of stories and was funny, but it wasn’t long until a little hand tugged mine and Max said “I want to go back to the car”. So I took the littles with me and had a stroll around the castle without a guide.

Battle Abbey, East Sussex

I love Hastings. It’s where I lived for the first seven years of my life, so there are lots of things to do in the area that I have done several times before. This time we wanted to do something different and what better than the thing that “1066 Country” is famous for – Battle Abbey and Battlefield.