Bishops’ House, South Yorkshire

I was talking to my Mum and my sister about coming to South Yorkshire to visit this weekend and I mentioned that Oliver needed to do a project for his Tudor homework. Usually I leave it up to the kids to decide how they want to do their own projects, but sometimes these projects are displayed to the parents and I’m always the one who cringes because we should have made more of an effort!

Norfolk Lavender Farm

Norfolk Lavender has been on my list for a while, and even though it was an hour away from where we had already driven to, that is where we decided to go. I thought it would be relaxing, inexpensive, and we would only need an hour or two there. The kids were not impressed – they were looking forward to seafront amusements.

Brandon Country Park, Suffolk

The weather has been absolutely amazing for the past two months, it was inevitable that it would start to rain as we packed our car for our summer holiday in Norfolk. It’s ok though because it didn’t last long and by the time we reached Suffolk the sun was shining again.

We didn’t schedule a stop, we pulled off the main road when we got to Thetford, and followed the first brown sign we saw, which took us to Brandon Country Park.

Rookery Open Farm, Northamptonshire

I have wanted to take Sam out for his first solo outing since he turned one last month. Obviously he has been out with the family many times since his first outing a year ago when we took him at 6 week old to Whipsnade Zoo. Usually he sits in the pushchair and tags along, but now he has adjusted to his new shoes he is good to go.

Waddesdon Manor Christmas Market 2017

I am ready to embrace the magical experiences that November has to offer. I have narrowed it down to a few places I want to take the kids this season, and top of the list is Waddesdon Manor. A lot of National Trust properties have closed for the season, and although all the statues at the Garden of Waddesdon Manor have been tucked up for the winter, they still have lots of events going on during the lead up to Christmas.