A Day at Sywell Country Park

Today I took my 4 boys toย Sywell Country Parkย to get some fresh air and burn off some energy. I think that some days the house just isn’t big enough for all these boys and it’s hard work trying to calm them down indoors.

So we took a picnic, and buckets and spades to play in the sand (I usually forget so I’m feeling chuffed that I remembered for once). We intended to spend a few hours at Sywell Country Park.

Today was another scorcher, but there was plenty of shade in the sandy play area where I watched the children play. I parked the pushchair at the side in the shade with all the other Mums and let the kids play while I watched from afar. They love this play area, as the whole area is all sandy under-foot. There are sit-on diggers to dig big holes and shift some sand around, which usually have queues of 1 or 2 children waiting to go on.

It was very busy today, there seemed to be lots of preschoolers about. My boys (10 & 8) were the oldest there but I don’t think they noticed. Max (4) is a preschooler so he fit right in. He has recently learnt how to go down the fireman’s pole so he was eager to show me. Good job, Max. I don’t mind him learning here, knowing there is sand at the bottom of the pole.

After we left the play area, we went for a walk around the reservoir at Sywell Country Park. I had never been all the way round before, and had no idea how far it was, which now I think of it wasn’t a great idea on my own with the children. The distance around the reservoir is 2 and a half miles. It took about an hour, with a few snack stops along the way. We enjoyed the wooded area at the far side of the reservoir because of the much needed shade, which there wasn’t a lot of for the rest of the way.

The boys were collecting rocks and sticks all the way round, so when we got back to the car they were really mucky. This is usual for my kids, I’m just glad that they are able to find their own fun outdoors.

There is a second play area and a pond for pond-dipping that have also made available for kids to enjoy. We had to skip these this time to get Sam (8 weeks) home to change and feed. In the past the woodland play area has been a huge hit with the kids, with lots of tunnels and things to climb on.

I love being outdoors with my kids, spending quality time and chatting about whatever they want to chat about. Even if the topics are Star Wars and Captain Underpants.

If you are thinking of visiting Sywell Country Park, you can find the details here.

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