This week two friends had suggested we visit Stirling Castle, so we included it in our busy itinerary for today.

We arrived just in time for the 4 o’clock tour.

We have never attempted a guided tour with our children because of how noisy they are, but they were more subdued today – maybe it was the Scottish weather?

Stirling castle guided tour

We learnt a little bit about Stirling castle’s occupation and development throughout its history, and the tour guide had loads of stories and was funny, but it wasn’t long until a little hand tugged mine and Max said “I want to go back to the car”. So I took the littles with me and had a stroll around the castle without a guide.

Max (age 4) enjoyed the war museum. I asked him what his favourite part was, he said “all of it”.

Isabel’s (age 11) favourite part was the gift shop (I roll my eyes).

George (age 10) said “it was really fun, the tour was really good and there were lots of funny quotes. I’m sad I missed the gift shop”.

5 things to see and do at Stirling Castle

  1. Take a guided tour. They also run a special children’s tour on Saturdays and Sundays at 2:15pm.
  2. Read the “Castle Secrets” on the Historic Scotland website before you go so you can teach everyone some fun facts.
  3. Discover the Stirling Skeletons exhibition in the Queen Anne gardens.
  4. Take the children to the palace vaults to learn about people who built or worked in the palace. Games and activities.
  5. Find out about the food that was served to the King and Queen in the palace kitchen.

If you are thinking of visiting Stirling Castle, you can open the Historic Scotland website by clicking here.

Entrance fee is half price for English Heritage members.

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