Selina Birks 1795-1835

Sadly this is a short post because there aren’t many records for Selina BIRK’s 40 years, but Selina BIRK is the mother of my 4th great grandfather Samuel LINDLEY, who was born in Elsecar, Yorkshire about 1818 and baptised at Wentworth, Yorkshire on 27 December 18181.

When BaptisedChild’s Christian NameParents’ NamesAbodeQuality, Trade or Profession
27 December 1818SamuelMatthew & Selina LINLEYElsecarCollier


Matthew LINDLEY and Selina BIRKS were married on 08 December 1814 at Rotherham Minster, Rotherham, Yorkshire.

Marriages in Rotherham in the county of York in the year 1814.
Matthew LINDLEY bachelor of this parish and Selina BIRKS spinster of this parish, were married in the church by banns 08 December 1814. 
Witnesses: Ann HOYLAND & Sam[ue]l MUSCROFT.
Rotherham Minster. Rotherham, Yorkshire. 27 March 2022. Photo: Ben Hopkins


Matthew and Selina LINDLEY had the following children (that I have found in my research) during their 21 year marriage:

  1. Isaac LINDLEY 1817-1847, who was buried with his brothers Matthew and Samuel on 08 March 1847, after the mining accident at Oak’s Colliery in Ardsley, Yorkshire2.
  2. Samuel LINDLEY 1818-1847, my 4th great grandfather.
  3. John LINDLEY 1821-?, who was living at home in Gawber with his father Matthew LINDLEY in the 1841 census3 (after Selina’s death).
  4. Matthew LINDLEY 1824-1847, who also died in the mining accident in 1847.
  5. Anne LINDLEY 1827-?, who married Nathan HODGSON at Holy Trinity Church, Thurgoland on 26 February 1849. The father’s name given on the marriage certificate was “Matthew LINLEY, miner”4.
  6. Jabus Henry LINLEY 1830-?, who was baptised at All Saints Church, Darton on 15 October 18305. The parent’s were Matthew & Selina LINDLEY of Gawber, Collier.


Selina BIRKS (LINDLEY) died in 1835 at the age of 40. She was buried at All Saints Church, Darton, Yorkshire on 11 August 18356.

NameAbodeWhen BuriedAge
Selina LINDLEYGawber11 August [1835]40

I have been to the church at Darton, and I have not been able to find a headstone for any of the LINDLEY family members I have in my tree.

All Saints Church, Darton, Yorkshire. 25 March 2022. Photo: Clare Hopkins


From Selina’s burial record, her year of birth is estimated to be about 1795. There is a baptism record for Selina BIRKS at the Cathedral Church of St Peter & St Paul in Sheffield, Yorkshire on 01 February 1795. The parents of Selina are Samuel BIRKS (a butcher), and his wife Sarah.

1 February 1795Selina daur of Sam[ue]l & Sarah BIRKSButcher
Sheffield Cathedral. Sheffield, Yorkshire. 17 December 2021. Photo: Clare Hopkins

Family Members:

Husband:Matthew LINDLEY 1789-1851
Son (Direct Ancestor):Samuel LINDLEY 1818-1847
Father:Samuel BIRKS

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