We are really enjoying exploring our local area. If you follow my blog, you might have realised that we are an outdoors-loving family. Having lived in Yorkshire for only 10 months now, there are so many places that we are discovering for the first time. Last week it was Greno Woods, and this bank holiday weekend it was Wharncliffe Crags, and also Scout Dyke on the outskirts of Penistone.

The route around the reservoir is about 2 miles, so it was a comfortable distance with the children. We only had Max (7) and Samuel (3) with us because we wanted a peaceful walk (the teenagers are typically more rowdy than the little ones!!) The paths are wide, and it was safe for the kids to run a little further ahead and have some freedom to explore. There were a few dog walkers there and because we are still social-distancing whilst outdoors, we were able to move aside a safe distance to allow them to pass.

About half way round the scenery changed and it was more shaded, there were small rivers leading into the reservoir and a bridge going over. Max was able to cross the river treading on the rocks without getting his feet wet. Sam wanted to try but of course we didn’t let him – he would have got soaked and then make us carry him the rest of the way home.

I think this is a great place to come if you are a nature lover. The boys were looking for different types of flowers, and there were loads of butterflies. Sam was trying to catch one but was unsuccessful. There were also loads of flies too which was gross, but unfortunately you’ll always get that near reservoirs.

The boys were picking flowers for Ben and he was collecting then in his sunglasses! They thought it was really funny and it was only a little bit embarrassing when we passed another walker. I think they found it amusing too!

We enjoyed our quiet bank holiday weekend walk. We are going to continue exploring our local spaces, this part of the country seems to have so much natural beauty and it’s perfect for outdoorsy families like ours.

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