Sarah Ann Williams 1865-1939

Sarah Ann WILLIAMS is Ben’s second great grandmother. She is the mother of George Albert Hopkins, who was born on 24 December 1885 at The Coffee Tavern, Bexley Heath, Kent1.

When and Where BornNameSexName and Surname of FatherName and Maiden Surname of MotherRank or Profession of FatherInformantWhen Registered
24 December 1885. The Coffee Tavern, Bexley Heath, KentGeorge AlbertBoyRichard HOPKINSSarah HOPKINS formerly WILLIAMSCarpenterRichard HOPKINS. Father. The Coffee Tavern, Bexley Heath16 February 1886


Sarah Ann WILLIAMS was born in Marylebone, Middlesex in 18652. The birth registration register at the GRO gives her mother’s maiden as GUNN.

Sarah Ann WILLIAMS was baptised on 22 April 1866 at St Cyprians Chapel, Marylebone, Middlesex3. The daughter of Augustus Frederick & Ann WILLIAMS, 31 Park Lane. Her father was a general dealer.

When BaptisedChild’s Christian NameParents’ NamesAbodeQuality, Trade or Profession
22 April 1866Sarah Ann daur ofAugustus Frederick & Ann WILLIAMS31 Park LaneGeneral dealer

1871 Census

In 1871, Sarah Ann WILLIAMS was 5 years old and living at home with her parents Augustus & Ann WILLIAMS at 32 Park Lane, Marylebone, Middlesex4.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
Augustus F WILLIAMSHeadMarried42Fish dealerChelsea, Middlesex
Ann WILLIAMSWifeMarried36LaundressMarylebone, Middlesex
Harriet WILLIAMSDaur.13Marylebone, Middlesex
William WILLIAMSSon11Errand boyMarylebone, Middlesex
Frederick WILLIAMSSon8ScholarMarylebone, Middlesex
Mary A WILLIAMSDaur.6ScholarMarylebone, Middlesex
Sarah WILLIAMSDaur.5ScholarMarylebone, Middlesex
Charlotte WILLIAMSDaur.3ScholarMarylebone, Middlesex
George WILLIAMSSon1 1/2Marylebone, Middlesex

1881 Census

In 1881, Sarah Ann WILLIAMS was living at home with her mother (who was now a widow) at 10 Gynns Place, Marylebone, Middlesex5. Sarah was working as a powder packer. The surname SIMS come’s from her mother Ann’s first marriage.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadCondition as to MarriageAgeRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
Ann WILLIAMSHeadWidow45LaundressMarylebone, Middlesex
Harriet TILLEYDaur.Widow26ServantMarylebone, Middlesex
William SIMSSonUnmarried24PorterMarylebone, Middlesex
Frederick WILLIAMSSonUnmarried18PorterMarylebone, Middlesex
Mary A WILLIAMSDaur.Unmarried16ServantMarylebone, Middlesex
Sarah WILLIAMSDaur.Unmarried15Powder packerMarylebone, Middlesex
George WILLIAMSSonUnmarried11ScholarMarylebone, Middlesex
Frank WILLIAMSSon9ScholarMarylebone, Middlesex


Isaac Richard HOPKINS and Sarah Ann WILLIAMS were married on 17 May 1882 at St Saviour’s Church, Poplar, Middlesex6. Sarah Ann WILLIAMS’ father Augustus was a “plumber”, which was someone who worked with lead.

When MarriedName and SurnameAgeConditionRank or ProfessionResidenceFather’s Name and SurnameRank or Profession of Father
17 May 1882Richard HOPKINS22BachelorCarpenter4 Morant StreetGeorge HOPKINSSawyer
Sarah Ann WILLIAMS19Spinster92 Hind StreetAugustus WILLIAMSPlumber
Witnesses: James MAJOR & Annie HOPKINS

1891 Census

In 1891, [Isaac] Richard and Sarah HOPKINS were living at Main Road, Bexley Heath, Kent7. They had 6 children: Sarah, Richard, George, Rosa, Elsie & Marguerite.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionAgeProfession or OccupationWhere Born
Richard HOPKINSHeadMarried29CarpenterPoplar, London
Sarah HOPKINSWifeMarried25Marylebone, London
Sarah HOPKINSDaur.Single8Woolwich, Kent
Richard HOPKINSSonSingle6Woolwich, Kent
George HOPKINSSonSingle5Bexley Heath, Kent
Rosa HOPKINSDaur.Single3Bexley Heath, Kent
Elsie HOPKINSDaur.Single1Bexley Heath, Kent
Margaruite HOPKINSDaur.Single2 monthsBexley Heath, Kent

1901 Census

In 1901, Isaac and Sarah HOPKINS were living at 3 Jodrell Road, Bow, Middlesex8. They had 3 more children: Florence, Sidney & Ralph.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionAgeProfession or OccupationWhere Born
Isaac HOPKINSHeadMarried39ComedianFleet St, London
Sarah HOPKINSWifeMarried35Marylebone, London
Sarah HOPKINSDaur.Single18Packer of french confectioneryWoolwich, Kent
Richard HOPKINSSonSingle16Office boyWoolwich, Kent
George HOPKINSSonSingle15Roller at paper millBexley Heath, Kent
Rose HOPKINSDaur.Single13Bexley Heath, Kent
Elsie HOPKINSDaur.Single11Bexley Heath, Kent
Marguerite HOPKINSDaur.Single10Bexley Heath, Kent
Florence HOPKINSDaur.Single8Bexley Heath, Kent
Sidney HOPKINSSonSingle6Bow, London
Ralph HOPKINSSonSingle3Bow, London

1911 Census

In 1911, [Isaac] Richard & Sarah HOPKINS were living at 25 Shirley Road, Stratford, Essex9. Isaac & Sarah had 11 children in their marriage, 1 who had died, 8 were living with them during this census.

Name and SurnameRelationship to HeadAgeParticulars as to MarriageProfession or OccupationBirth Place
Richard HOPKINSHead49MarriedComedianPoplar, London
Sarah HOPKINSWife45Married 29 years. 11 children, 10 living, 1 died.Marylebone, London
Sarah HOPKINSDaur.28SingleFore lady – confectionaryWoolwich, Kent
Rose HOPKINSDaur.23SingleWrapper – confectionaryBexley Heath, Kent
Elsie HOPKINSDaur.21SinglePacker – confectionaryBexley Heath, Kent
Marguerite HOPKINSDaur.20SingleToy maker – rubber worksBexley Heath, Kent
Florence HOPKINSDaur.18SinglePacker – confectionaryBexley Heath, Kent
Sydney HOPKINSSon16SingleTrimmer – wall paperVictoria Park, London
Ralph HOPKINSSon12SingleScholarVictoria Park, London
Walter HOPKINSSon4SingleVictoria Park, London

After the death of her husband Isaac in 1924, Sarah Ann WILLIAMS (HOPKINS) emigrated to the USA with at least 6 of her children: Sarah, Rosie, Elsie, Marguerite, Florence and Walter.

1930 U.S. Census

In 1930, Sarah Ann WILLIAMS (HOPKINS) was living at 2224 Decatur Place, Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America10.

NameRelationColourAgeMarital ConditionPlace of BirthLanguageOccupation
Sarah HOPKINSHeadWhite64WidowEnglandEnglishNone
Sarah L HOPKINSDaurWhite37SingleEnglandEnglishMaid
Rosie HOPKINSDaurWhite35SingleEnglandEnglishCook
Elsie HOPKINSDaurWhite30SingleEnglandEnglishChamber maid
Marguerite HOPKINSDaurWhite28SingleEnglandEnglishCook
Florence HOPKINSDaurWhite26SingleEnglandEnglishChamber maid
Walter L HOPKINSSonWhite23SingleEnglandEnglishValet


Sarah Ann WILLIAMS (HOPKINS) died at Pleasantville, Atlantic City, New Jersey. She is buried at Atlantic City Cemetery11.

Family Members:

Husband:Isaac Richard HOPKINS 1861-1924
Son (direct ancestor):George Albert HOPKINS 1885-1976
Father:Augustus Frederick WILLIAMS 1829-1871
Mother:Ann GUNN 1836-

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