I am taking a break from my writing-break to celebrate this moment which is my last baby’s 2nd birthday.

When my oldest child has a birthday I make comments like “I can’t believe how old she is; I can’t believe how old I am!”. My middle children just have regular birthdays, but my baby Samuel… ah my baby. He reminds me that stage of my life is over.

I will never have another 1 year old again. Ever. Even though that seems sad to me, I also think it’s liberating to be moving on from him scribbling on the walls, throwing things down the toilet, and tipping hot chocolate powder all over the kitchen floor. To be approaching that age when there will be no more nappies, pushchairs, or daytime nap schedules.

This week has seen the end of bottles, and the start of the “big boy bed”, and jumping (proper two-feet-off-the-ground-jumping!) on the trampoline. He can count to 10 with a little bit of help, and he sings along to the radio; including the jingles. I bought him a birthday cake this year, which he calls a “happy birthday to you cake” – as if that is easier to say!

I love it when he shows affection with Eskimo kisses, and makes me stroke his hair when he sits in the shopping trolley. He still smiles at strangers, but when they smile back now he hides his face in my arms. He loves his school run Mummy friends squeezing his cheeks, and telling him that he is beautiful. For a select few friends he will shake their hands very professionally and greet them with a “Bub morning” (good morning) – even in the afternoon!

He adores being the centre of attention, and he brings so much love and happiness into our lives. So today I can’t be sad. I am now the mum of a sweet, loving, wonderful, curious 2 year old.

Clare x

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