Samuel Thompson Groome 1866-1925

Samuel Thompson GROOME is my 2nd great grandfather. He was born at 23 Moore Street, Dublin, Ireland on 05 June 18661. His parents are Samuel Henry GROOME and Anne THOMPSON.

Date and Place of BirthNameSexName, Surname and Dwelling Place of FatherName, Surname and Maiden Surname of MotherRank or Profession of FatherInformantWhen Registered
05 June 1866. 23 Moore StreetSamuel ThompsonMaleSamuel Henry GROOM. 23 Moore StreetAnn GROOM formerly THOMPSONBakerMary CROLEY. Present at birth. 16 Whitefriars Street05 July 1866


Samuel Thompson GROOME married Frances Adeline Matilda CARY on 28 September 19822 at Christ Church, Leeson Park, Dublin, Ireland.

When MarriedName and SurnameAgeConditionRank or ProfessionResidenceFather’s Name and SurnameRank or Profession of Father
28 September 1892Samuel Thompson GROOMEFullBachelorVet[erinary] surgeon6 Clifton Terrace, RanelaghSamuel H GROOMETraveller
Francis Adeline Matilda CARYFullSpinster32 Up[per] Merrion StreetR CARYCl[er]k in Holy Orders
Witnesses: Daniel M LEECHMAN & Edward ARMSTRONG

1901 Census

In 1901 Samuel Thompson GROOME was living at 10 Perry Square, Glentworth, Limerick with his wife Frances “Adeline” Matilda CARY (GROOME)3. Adeline’s sister Harriet REEVES (nee CARY) was living with them when the census was taken. The family also had a nurse maid and a cook.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadReligious ProfessionEducationAgeRank, Profession or OccupationMarriageWhere Born
Samuel Thompson GROOMEHeadChurch of IrelandRead & write35Member royal college of veterinary surgeons LondonMarriedDublin
Adeline GROOMEWifeChurch of IrelandRead & write29MarriedBallycarney, Co. Wexford
Samuel Fred Cary GROOMESonChurch of IrelandCannot read5Dublin City
Richard R Cary GROOMESonChurch of IrelandCannot read5 monthsLimerick City
Harriet REEVESSister in lawChurch of IrelandRead & write34MarriedBallycarney, Co. Wexford
Kate MURPHYNurseRoman CatholicRead & write27Nurse maidNot marriedCo. Wexford
Margret KEATINGServantRoman CatholicRead & write23Cook domesticNot marriedCo. Limerick

1911 Census

In 1911, Samuel Thompson & Frances Adeline Matilda GROOME were living at home at Parnell Street, Waterford, Ireland4. They had 4 sons: Samuel, Richard, Cecil and Joseph. Samuel Thompson GROOME was a veterinary inspector.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadReligious ProfessionEductionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationParticulars as to MarriageWhere Born
Samuel T GROOMEHeadChurch of IrelandRead & write45Vet[erinar]y Inspector. Dep[artmen]t Agriculture of Ireland (Vet[erinar]y Branch). Member Royal College of Vet[erinar]y SurgeonsMarriedDublin City
Frances A M GROOMEWifeChurch of IrelandRead & write39Married 18 years. 6 children, 4 livingWexford County
Samuel F GROOMESonChurch of IrelandRead & write15ScholarSingleDublin City
Richard R GROOMESonChurch of IrelandRead & write10ScholarSingleLimerick City
Cecil T GROOMESonChurch of IrelandCannot Read7SingleWaterford City
Joseph W[illia]m GROOMESonChurch of IrelandCannot Read2SingleWaterford City
Samuel Thompson GROOME


Samuel Thompson GROOME died on 05 May 1925 at Kent Terrace, Dalkey5. His son, (my great grandfather) Joseph William Cary GROOME was the informant of his death.

When and Where DiedName and SurnameSexConditionAgeTrade or OccupationCause of DeathInformantWhen Registered
05 May 1925. Kent Terrace, DalkeySamuel Thompson GROOMEMaleWidower58 yearsVeterinary InspectorEncephalitis cardiac syncopeJ W CARY GROOME. Son. Kent Terrace, Dalkey06 May 1925

Be it known that Samuel Thompson GROOME of 66 Dalkey Avenue Dalkey in the county of Dublin in the Irish Free State died there on the 5th day of May 1925 intestate a widower.

And be it further known that at the date hereunder written Letters of Administration of all the Estate which by law devolves to and vests in the personal representative of the intestate were granted by His Majesty’s High Court of Justice at the Principal Probate Registry thereof to Samuel Frederick Carey GROOME of 13 Wyeth Road Epsom in the County of Surrey Jockey the natural and lawful son and one of the next of kin of the said intestate.

Dated the 27th day of August 1925. 

Gross value of Estate £870 -11-11.

Probate of Samuel Thompson GROOME. 27 August 1925.

Family Members:

Wife:Frances Adeline Matilda CARY 1871-1923
Son (Direct Ancestor):Joseph William Cary GROOME 1907-1953
Father:Samuel Henry GROOME 1834-1890
Mother:Anne THOMPSON 1833-1922

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