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Traditional Advent Calendars

I might be old fashioned, because I love traditions. It has been traditional for our family to buy the chocolate calendars every year, but now I am looking at alternatives to start a new tradition. A tradition that is about having something long-lasting and meaningful to our family.

100 Years of Remembrance – World War I Family History

Sharing the best websites to search for WWI records. Commemorating 100 years of remembrance.

My Favourite Oat Cookies Recipe

These cookies are among Ben’s favourite ever recipes, and he loves to eat them when they are still warm and chewy.

Sharpenhoe Clappers, Bedfordshire

All the photos I have seen of Sharpenhoe Clappers have been taken in the summer, when everything is green and glorious, but we went in October when the leaves were dry and crispy, and covering the ground which is also lovely in its own way.

Lyveden New Bield, Northamptonshire

Lyveden New Bield is and Elizabethan lodge in Northamptonshire dating back to 1605 but was never completed. It is surrounded by moats, grassy areas, and woodland.

What does a Mid-life Crisis look like?

I sometimes wonder if I am having a mid-life crisis? If I was, what would that look like? I always thought that buying a new sports car was the cliché. Ben has hinted that he might buy one next year and as we are the same age perhaps we are mid-life after all?