We realised that this might be our last Christmas in our home, so because of that I wanted to take as many pictures as I could to remember how it is. So here are my favourite pictures of Christmas Day and Boxing Day 2018.

Christmas Day

This year we only bought the kids one Christmas present each, and they loved the presents that they were given. They had loads of fun playing with them in the morning while I made dinner.

I made the Christmas dinner this year (with a lot of help from Marks and Spencer’s!) We have bought roast in the oven vegetables for the past 3 years now because everyone enjoys them. Ben likes that we have an “easy” Christmas dinner option. There is no such thing as an easy Christmas dinner!! It was delicious though and worth the effort.

This year I decorated a small tree for the corner of the kitchen. I just wanted it covered in twinkly lights, and the kids added baubles and tinsel. It was standing all of 2 hours before Sam grabbed it, pulled it over, and broke one of the legs off. We tried to repair it but we couldn’t. The only reason it is still standing is because it is wedged between a sofa and a unit.

The main tree is upstairs in our lounge, which the kids helped me decorate. We have always had a fake tree, and every year I put it up and put the lights on and then let the kids go to town on it. It has more decorations near the top this year as the children are getting taller. I did feel emotional that I didn’t need to lift Isabel (13) to put the fairy on top anymore.

The younger boys were exhausted by the end of the day and went to bed quickly and easily. We let the older children sit up late and watch TV with us. Partly because I was too tired to send them to bed. We had to wake up and do it all again the next day with my family.

Boxing Day

On Boxing Day we invited my family to our house. 9 adults and 9 children in total. Usually I make all the food but this year I asked them all to bring something. Mostly because I can’t fit enough food for 2 days in our tiny fridge, but it did make things easier for me too. My Mum and Paul were amazing in helping me to prepare all the food for lunch. We prepared a feast! After eating and exchanging presents we went for a walk. We let our children take their scooters, and there were 3 1-year-olds walking without pushchairs. It was so much fun.

We had such a lovely Christmastime. It feels like we had 2 Christmas days! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas too!! Is everyone emerging from the Christmas bubble today? We might stay there for a few more days.

Clare xx

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