Mary Earnshaw 1824-1907

Mary EARNSHAW (the mother of my 3rd great grandmother Jane BEET), spent most of her life living in Thurgoland, Yorkshire. Thurgoland is a village which was known for its wire making trade in the 19th century.

Mary was born on 13th November 1824 at Langsett, South Yorkshire (near Penistone). She was baptised on 27th December 1824, and the parish register for St John the Baptist Church in Penistone shows she is the daughter of William EARNSHAW, a carpenter, and Ann WOODCOCK1.

When Baptised
Child’s Christian NameParents NamesParents SurnameAbodeTrade or profession
December 27th [1824]Mary d[aughte]r ofWilliam & AnneEARNSHAWLangsettCarpenter
Born 13th Nov[ember] 1824

1841 Census

In 1841, Mary EARNSHAW was no longer living at home with her family in Langsett, and she and her future husband John BEET were living in Deepcar in the house of Thomas HAIGH, a publican2. It doesn’t give the exact residence on the census, but it appears that they were resident in a pub where Mary EARNSHAW was working as a female servant at the age of 15. This could be where John and Mary first met!

NamesAgeProfession, Trade or EmploymentBorn in County?
Thomas HAIGH55PublicanYes
Ellen HAIGH50Yes
Mary EARNSHAW15F[emale] s[ervant]Yes
John BEET25Wire drawerYes
Edmund KENTON26TravellerNo
Maria KENTON25No
Tho[ma]s SUTLIFFE71SaddlerYes

I had previously written that I didn’t know which pub this census record related to. Thankfully Claire Pearson from the Stocksbridge and District Family History Group had thoroughly researched the pubs in the area for her book: A Drink With Our Ancestors: A Pub Crawl Through History. She told me that Thomas HAIGH was the landlord at the King & Miller pub in Deepcar, Yorkshire. I am thrilled to have this extra piece of the puzzle.

Further research on this (and a DNA match) shows that I might be related to Ellen WOODCOCK, the wife of the publican at the King & Miller. Mary EARNSHAW’s mother is Ann WOODCOCK, who is the daughter of Thomas WOODCOCK & Mary SHAW.

Thomas WOODCOCK and Ellen WOODCOCK were born 6 years apart and both baptised at St John the Baptist Church at Penistone. Thomas’ father’s name is given as Jonn WOODCOCK, and Ellen’s father’s name given as John WOODCOCK. Unfortunately more detail is not given on the baptism records, so this is currently a theory that needs more evidence.

The King and Miller, Deepcar, Yorkshire. 21 December 2021. Photo Credit: Clare Hopkins


Mary EARNSHAW and John BEET were married at the Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul in Sheffield on 19 September 18423. The marriage certificate confirms that Mary’s father was William EARNSHAW, a joiner (who has also been referred to as a carpenter and a wheelwright). Mary didn’t give a residence, I also think she might have been lying about her age which she said was 19 – the previous year in the 1841 census she was 15.

When MarriedName and SurnameAgeConditionRank or ProfessionResidenceFather’s Name and SurnameFather’s Rank or Profession
19 September 1842John BEET27BachelorWire drawerBowden St[reet]Jo[h]n BEETLabourer
Mary EARNSHAW19SpinsterW[illia]m EARNSHAWJoiner
Witnesses: J HUDSON & J KIRK

Today I took Samuel & Max into Sheffield to see the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul, which is the cathedral where John BEET and Mary EARNSHAW were married. I have wanted to visit for a while now, so the Christmas break was the perfect opportunity. It was especially beautiful this season as the cathedral was full of Christmas trees.

Samuel & Max at the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul, Sheffield. 17 December 2021. Photo: Clare Hopkins

Mary’s parents would move across the Peak District towards Glossop at some point during the following decade along with all of Mary’s siblings, and leave Mary in Thurgoland with her husband and growing family.

1851 Census

In 1851, John and Mary BEET had moved to Ramsden Row in Thurgoland4, presumably between the birth of their children William, who was born in Deepcar (abt. 1843) and Jane, who was born in Thurgoland (abt. 1846). The other children they have listed on the census are Hannah (born abt. 1848), and Sarah (born abt. 1850). John had been a Wire Drawer at the last census and at the time of his marriage, so it would be fair to assume that they moved to Thurgoland so that John could work in one of the 3 wire mills.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
John BEETHeadMarried36Wire DrawerSheffield, Yorkshire
Mary BEETWifeMarried26Sheffield, Yorkshire
William BEETSon8ScholarDeepcar, Yorkshire
Jane BEETDaur.5ScholarThurgoland, Yorkshire
Hannah BEETDaur.3Thurgoland, Yorkshire
Sarah BEETDaur.1Thurgoland, Yorkshire

1861 Census

In 1861 John and Mary BEET were still living at Ramsden Row, Thurgoland5. They had 3 more children by the time the 1861 census was taken: Mary Ann (born abt. 1855), Joseph (born abt. 1858), and John (born abt. 1860).

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
John BEETHeadMarried46Wire DrawerSheffield, Yorkshire
Mary BEETWifeMarried36[??], Yorkshire
William BEETSonUnmarried18Wire DrawerDeepcar, Yorkshire
Jane BEETDaur.Unmarried15Thurgoland, Yorkshire
Hannah BEETDaur.Unmarried13Thurgoland, Yorkshire
Sarah BEETDaur.11Thurgoland, Yorkshire
Maryann BEETDaur.6Thurgoland, Yorkshire
Joseph BEETSon3Thurgoland, Yorkshire
John BEETSon1Thurgoland, Yorkshire

Ramsden Row doesn’t exist anymore, the houses have been demolished to build newer houses along Mill Lane, Thurgoland. There is a row of houses there now called “New Ramsden Row”, which stands the opposite side of the road from where Ramsden Row would have been.

New Ramsden Row, Mill Lane, Thurgoland. 01 January 2020. Photo: Clare Hopkins

1871 Census

In 1871, John and Mary BEET were still living at Ramsden Row, Thurgoland6. Their eldest son William BEET, his wife Emma, and their 3 boys John (aged 6), William (aged 4) and Horatio (aged 3 months), lived in the household next to theirs on the census.

John and Mary had 2 more children since the 1861 census: Elizabeth (born abt. 1863), and Christopher (born abt. 1866).

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
John BEETHeadMarried56Wire DrawerSheffield, Yorkshire
Mary BEETWifeMarried46Penistone, Yorkshire
Mary A BEETDaur.Unmarried16Servant (domestic)Thurgoland, Yorkshire
Joseph BEETSonUnmarried13Labourer at Wire MillThurgoland, Yorkshire
John BEETSonUnmarried11ScholarThurgoland, Yorkshire
Elizabeth BEETDaur.8ScholarThurgoland, Yorkshire
Christopher BEETSon5ScholarThurgoland, Yorkshire

1881 Census

In 1881, John and Mary BEET were still living at Ramsden Row, Thurgoland7, with 3 of their children: Joseph, John, and Christopher, who were now employed in various labouring positions.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
John BEETHeadMarried66Steel Wire DrawerSheffield, Yorkshire
Mary BEETWifeMarried56Penistone, Yorkshire
Joseph BEETSonUnmarried24Steel Wire DrawerThurgoland, Yorkshire
John BEETSonUnmarried21Labourer in Coal MineThurgoland, Yorkshire
Christopher BEETSonUnmarried15Labourer at Iron WorksThurgoland, Yorkshire

1891 Census

In 1891, Mary EARNSHAW (BEET) was a widow and she was still living at Ramsden Row, Thurgoland8. She had her son John and her grandson Fred HART living with her (Fred HART was John’s illegitimate son with Harriet HART, who was born in Ramsden Row, Thurgoland on 09 June 18879).

On the same page of the census living on Ramsden Row, her son Joseph BEET is living with his wife Harriet and their 2 daughters Mary (aged 6) and Floria (aged 1). Further down the same page is Mary’s daughter Elizabeth, with her husband William and their 3 children Newton (aged 7), Annie (aged 3), and Christopher (aged 2).

I like the fact that Mary found a husband who gave her a steady life after her parents moved away, and that she lived the rest of her life surrounded by family.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
Mary BEETHeadWidow66Penistone, Yorkshire
John BEETSonSingle30Coal Miner’s LabourerThurgoland, Yorkshire
Fred HARTGrandson3Penistone, Yorkshire

1901 Census

In 1901, Mary EARNSHAW (BEET) was living at the Tilt Mill, Thurgoland10 with her son John BEET and her grandson Fred BEET (who was previously known as Fred HART).

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
Mary BEETHeadWidow76Penistone, Yorkshire
John BEETSonSingle41Ironworks LabourerThurgoland, Yorkshire
Fred BEETGrandson13Penistone, Yorkshire


Mary EARNSHAW (BEET) died on 20 October 1907. She was buried with her husband John BEET at the churchyard of Holy Trinity Church, Thurgoland11.

NameAbodeWhen BuriedAge
Mary BEETSpring Grove23 October [1907]82

In Memoriam John BEET of Ramsden Row who died October 25th 1882 aged 67 years.

Also of Mary, wife of the above, who died October 20th 1907, aged 82 years. “At rest”.

Headstone Transcription. Holy Trinity Church, Thurgoland.
Me at the headstone of John & Mary BEET, Holy Trinity Church, Thurgoland. 21 September 2019. Photo: Ben Hopkins

I know I look too happy in this photo to be standing by a headstone of my deceased ancestors – we had recently moved to Thurgoland and I had just realised that my ancestors had been here before me, so I was delighted by this discovery! We found the headstone in the corner of the churchyard, under a tree, covered in ivy.

Family Members:

Husband:John Percival BEET 1815-1882
Daughter (my direct ancestor):Jane BEET 1845-1908
Father:William EARNSHAW 1801-1874
Mother:Ann WOODCOCK 1809-1877

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