Now it is the time of year for our family to be thinking of getting out the house and walking off some of this Christmas food! Last year we went to Fineshade Wood in Northamptonshire for our New Year’s walk. If anyone shares this New Year walk tradition, are you considering the Marston Vale Millennium Country Park in Bedfordshire?

The last time we were there was last autumn when we had a day with the boys, and wanted a walk in the forest. Wellies definitely required.

The Forest of Marston Vale is a 60 square mile environmental regeneration project in between Bedford and Milton Keynes. Some of that area is made up of country park, which has a play area, visitors centre and cafe, wetlands nature reserve, woodlands, and walking routes.

Isabel (12) was on a school trip to Germany over the weekend, and it felt really strange to have one of my children in a different country to me. I suppose it will happen more and more as she gets older. She enjoys to travel, and is often making plans in her head to be somewhere else. She must take after me I suppose. Sam (6 months) was with us, but wrapped up warm in the pushchair. We heard that there was a storm scheduled to hit in the afternoon, so we planned a quick walk before we headed back home to snuggle up in front of the TV.

The Play Area

We started at the play area outside of the cafΓ©. It would have been lovely to sit inside with a table overlooking the play area if we were inclined, but as Ben and I are big kids we stayed outside with the children and joined in. The play area was a good size, and the boys (aged 4, 9, and 10) found plenty to occupy them without needing any help from us.

We asked at the visitors centre the best route we should take, and they suggested a route for us. I think we might have misinterpreted their directions because the path became too muddy and slippery, especially with a pushchair. We had to back track and try a different way. The route took us right past a wind turbine. If you have children that would be interested in seeing one up close, this would be the place to go. They scare me a little, especially on a windy day with a storm imminent. The boys are fearless and loved it.

We walked through the woodland and we were able to find apples and conkers. Max (4) tried for a while to catch falling leaves, which entertained us all. He put so much energy into it!

I enjoyed a walk with my boys at Marston Vale Millennium Country Park. It’s a lovely place to go and get some fresh air. There is a good variety of flora to see and enjoy.

Have you been yet? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Clare xx

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