Mabel Kate Marlow 1894-1968

Mabel Kate MARLOW is Ben’s Great Grandmother. She was born on 07 November 1894 at Eastleigh, Hampshire. She is the daughter of James Thomas MARLOW and Sarah Ann House SINGLETON.

1901 Census

In 1901, Mabel Kate MARLOW was living 14 Grantham Road, Eastleigh, Hampshire1. Mabel MARLOW was the granddaughter of the head of the household, Samuel SINGLETON. Mabel’s mother was Sarah Ann House SINGLETON, who was known as Sarah HYDE in 1901 (she had remarried after the death of her husband James Thomas MARLOW in 1898).

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
Samuel SINGLETONHeadMarried56Agricultural labourerFoston, Lincolnshire
Sarah SINGLETONWifeMarried54Stafford, Staffordshire
William SINGLETONSonSingle18Coach smithWoolwich, Kent
Sarah HYDEDaur.Married31LaundressDorchester, Dorset
Florence MARLOWGranddaur.10Basingstoke, Hampshire
Edith MARLOWGranddaur.7Eastleigh, Hampshire
Mabel MARLOWGranddaur.6Eastleigh, Hampshire
Albert HYDEGrandson1Eastleigh, Hampshire


Robert James SEELY and Mabel Kate MARLOW were married on 14 July 1915 at St George’s Church, Beckenham, Kent2. One of the witnesses of the marriage was Sarah Ann STEVENS, which was the name of Sarah Ann House SINGLETON (Mabel’s mother) during her 3rd marriage – to Walter STEVENS.

When MarriedName and SurnameAgeConditionRank or ProfessionResidenceFather’s Name and SurnameRank or Profession of Father
14 July 1915Robert James SEELY28BachelorHairdresser5 Blandford Road, BeckenhamJohn Herbert SEELYForeman straw wharf (deceased)
Mabel Kate MARLOW20Spinster187 Beckenham Road, BeckenhamJames Thomas MARLOWCarriage cleaner (deceased)
Witnesses: Sarah Annie STEVENS & Ernest MASON

1939 Register

In 1939, Robert and Mabel SEELY were still living at 5 Blandford Road, Beckenham, Kent3. They had 2 children living with them (whose records are closed). They had 3 children in total, 1 had died at birth.

Surnames and Other NamesM or FDate of BirthS M W or DPersonal Occupation
Robert J SEELYM13 November 1886MGents Hairdresser
Mabel K SEELYF07 November 1894MUnpaid domestic duties
Record closed
Record closed
Robert James SEELY & Mabel Kate MARLOW


Mabel Kate MARLOW (SEELY) died on 16 December 1968 at the age of 74, at Isle of Thanet District Hospital4.

When and Where DiedName and SurnameSexAgeOccupationCause of DeathInformantWhen Registered
16 December 1968. Isle of Thanet District Hospital, Margate WingMabel Kate SEELYFemale74 yearsof 5 Canterbury Road, West Ramsgate. Widow of Robert James SEELY, a gentleman’s hairdresser1a. Acute pylonephritisM HOPKINS. Daughter. 125 Ledi Drive, Bearsden, Glasgow19 December 1968

Family Members:

Husband:Robert James SEELY 1886-1963
Father:James Thomas MARLOW 1870-1898
Mother:Sarah Ann House SINGLETON 1869-

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