Joseph Lindley 1843-1897

Joseph LINDLEY is the father of my 2nd great grandfather John LINLEY who was born at Brick Terrace, Ardsley on 25 January 18771. Joseph uses the spelling LINDLEY until his marriage to Elizabeth HELLEWELL in 1865 which is where he starts using the spelling LINLEY that his son John went by.

When and Where BornNameSexName and Surname of FatherName, Surname and Maiden Surname of MotherOccupation of FatherInformantWhen Registered
25 January 1877. Brick Terrace, ArdsleyJohnBoyJoseph LINLEYElizabeth Ann LINLEY formerly HELLEWELLColliery labourerE A LINLEY. Mother. Brick Terrace, Ardsley05 March 1877


Joseph LINDLEY was born in Gawber, Yorkshire on 17 June 18432. He is the son of Samuel and Ann LINDLEY, although he uses the spelling LINLEY on some of of the records.

When BornNameSexName and Surname of FatherName and Maiden Surname of MotherRank or Profession of FatherInformantWhen Registered
17 June 1843. Gawber in BarughJosephBoySamuel LINDLEYAnn LINDLEY formerly WHITAKERMinerAnn LINDLEY. Mother. Gawber21 July 1843

Joseph LINDLEY was baptised at All Saints Church, Darton, Yorkshire on 24 December 18433.

When BaptisedChild’s Christian NameParents’ NamesAbodeQuality, Trade or Profession
24 December 1843Joseph son ofSamuel and Ann LINDLEYGawberMiner

1851 Census

In 1851 Joseph LINDLEY was living in Ardsley, Yorkshire4 with his mother Ann HARRISON (nee WHITAKER) and her husband John HARRISON. Joseph LINDLEY’s father Samuel had died in a mining accident in 18475, when Joseph was only 4 years old.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
John HARRISONHeadMarried50Agricultural labourerIreland
Ann HARRISONWifeMarried35Manchester, Lancashire
Joseph LINDLEYSon7ScholarGawber, Yorkshire
Mary LINDLEYDaur6ScholarGawber, Yorkshire
Samuel HARRISONSon2Ardsley, Yorkshire
John BARKERLodgerUnmarried21Rail labourerHuntington
James BARKERLodgerUnmarried19Rail labourerHuntington
John MILLSLodgerUnmarried28Rail labourerHuntington
Thomas SMARTLodgerUnmarried23Rail labourerLeicester

1861 Census

In 1861 Joseph LINDLEY was still living at home with his mother and step father, Ann and John HARRISON. The address given on the census was 4 Fold Head, Ardsley, Yorkshire6. Joseph was working as a labourer in the coal mine.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
John HARRISONHeadMarried60Coal mine labourerNess, Kildare
Ann HARRISONWifeMarried46Manchester, Lancashire
Charles HARRISONSonWidower29Coal mine labourerArdsley, Yorkshire
Elizabeth HARRISONGranddaur2Brierly, Yorkshire
Sam HARRISONSon12ScholarArdsley, Yorkshire
Joseph LINLEYSonUnmarried17Coal mine labourerGawber, Yorkshire


Joseph LINDLEY and Elizabeth HELLEWELL were married on 09 April 1865 at All Saints Church, Darfield, Yorkshire7. Joseph’s father was Samuel LINLEY, a collier.

When MarriedName and SurnameAgeConditionRank or ProfessionResidenceFather’s Name and SurnameRank or Profession of Father
09 April 1865Joseph LINLEY21BachelorBanksmanArdsleySamuel LINLEYCollier
Elizabeth Ann HELLIWELL19SpinsterArdsleyThomas HELLIWELLLabourer
Witnesses: Mary LINLEY & William ALLERTON

1871 Census

In 1871, Joseph and Elizabeth LINLEY were living at 66 Low Valley, Wombwell, Yorkshire8. Joseph and Elizabeth had two young daughters: Ada and Mary.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
Joseph LINLEYHeadMarried27WeighmanGawber, Yorkshire
Elizabeth LINLEYWifeMarried25Ardsley, Yorkshire
Ada LINLEYDaur5ScholarArdsley, Yorkshire
Mary LINLEYDaur1Ardsley, Yorkshire

Miner’s Demonstration

There are several newspaper reports of Joseph LINLEY being involved with various demonstrations and miner’s strikes in the area. My favourite is the detail in this article from the Barnsley Chronicle in 1876. Knowing that this is how my grandmother (Joseph’s great granddaughter) would act in this type of situation (she has also been known to write comments to newspapers from time to time). It is the reminder that the procession should “conduct themselves in a manner becoming the occasion” and the hymn singing that makes me think how much my grandmother is like him.

Through the kind co-oporation of the Rev. J. Lloyd KANE, Vicar of Ardsley, Mr. Thomas STOTT, of the Pheasant Inn, and Mr. Joseph LINLEY, a demonstration was got up on behalf of the locked-out miners and their families. They first began by forming a committee of management from amongst the parties interested. A wagon was kindly lent by Henry MICKLETHWAITE, Esq., and was drawn by fifty or more miners. The procession started from The Pheasant Inn at ten a.m. on Tuesday, under the able guidance of Mr. John GLAZEBROOK, who was ably assisted by Mr. J. LINLEY. It was headed by the Ardsley Brass Band, and on the wagon was placed a harmonium, kindly lent by Mr. Peter CONRAD, who ably presided at the same. Mr. Jas NUTTAL was present with his violin. On the route there were hymn singing and speech-making, and Mr. J. LINLEY, who strongly urged the men forming the procession to conduct themselves in a manner becoming the occasion. The various inns and private houses in Ardsley were visited, and the appeals for subscriptions were handsomely responded to. From Ardsley they proceeded to Mr. JACKSON’s Steam Mill, Barnsley, and purchased 36 stones of flour. The purpose of being made into bread by Mr. ROBINSON, baker, Sheffield-road. The procession then proceeded by Peel-square, Queen-street and Cheapside, calling at Mr. WALTON’s, the Duke of York Inn, where the band played and hymns were sung. Thence up New-Street to Mr. CLARKSON’s brewery, and from there to the house of Mr. Thomas SILLS, the Victoria Inn, Beechfield. Here all were regaled with beer and provisions, and the collecting box appeals were liberally responded to. The procession then took the direction of Sheffield-road, calling at the Wharncliffe Hotel and the Manor Castle, Pontefract-road. It next went on to Hoyle Mill, calling at Mr. Tom HAYWOOD’s, the White Bear, and Mr. Thomas ARMIN’s, and arrived at the Pheasant Inn about 8 p.m., all being well satisfied with their day’s performance. The committee are happy to be able to state that the proceeds amounted to £14 19s 2 1/2d. By the good arrangement of the committee the bread was brought from Barnsley on Wednesday in the shape of 162 four-pound loaves, and was divided amongst the applicants according to their families, some receiving one, two, and three loaves. Very good order prevailed during the distribution.

Miner’s Demonstration at Ardsley. Barnsley Chronicle. Saturday 20 May 1876.

1881 Census

In 1881 Joseph and Elizabeth Ann LINLEY were living at Darfield Main, Wombwell, Yorkshire9, where Joseph worked as a colliery labourer. Joseph and Elizabeth LINLEY had 6 children when this census was taken: Ada, Mary, Sam, Ann, John, and Gertrude.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
Jos[eph] LINLEYHeadMarried38Colliery labourerGawber, Yorkshire
E A LINLEYWifeMarried36SeamstressArdsley, Yorkshire
Ada LINLEYDaurUnmarried15Servant general domesticArdsley, Yorkshire
Mary LINLEYDaurUnmarried11Ardsley, Yorkshire
Sam LINLEYSonUnmarried8Ardsley, Yorkshire
Ann LINLEYDaurUnmarried6Ardsley, Yorkshire
John LINLEYSonUnmarried4Ardsley, Yorkshire
Gertrude LINLEYDaurUnmarried1Ardsley, Yorkshire

1891 Census

In 1891 Joseph and Elizabeth Ann LINLEY were living at Company Row, George Street, Darfield, Yorkshire10. Joseph was working as a dateler at Darfield Main Colliery. Joseph and Elizabeth LINLEY had 2 more children: Ella and Kate.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionAgeProfession or OccupationWhere Born
Joseph LINLEYHeadMarried47Dateler at pitGawber, Yorkshire
Elizabeth A LINLEYWifeMarried45Ardsley, Yorkshire
Samuel LINLEYSonSingle18Pit pony driverArdsley, Yorkshire
John LINLEYSonSingle14CarterArdsley, Yorkshire
Gertrude LINLEYDaur11ScholarArdsley, Yorkshire
Ella LINLEYDaur6ScholarLow Valley, Yorkshire
Kate LINLEYDaur3Low Valley, Yorkshire


Joseph LINLEY died at 4 Company Row, Low Valley, Yorkshire on 14 August 1897 at the age of 5411.

When and Where DiedName and SurnameSexAgeRank or ProfessionCause of DeathInformantWhen Registered
14 August 1897. 4 Company Row, Low Valley, DarfieldJoseph LINLEYMale54 yearsCoal minerSpinal sclerosis. Bronchitis 4 monthsSam LINLEY. Son. Present at the death. 14 Company Row, Low Valley, Darfield16 August 1897

Joseph LINLEY was buried at All Saints Church, Darfield, Yorkshire on 17 August 189712. I have been able to find the grave in the churchyard, but there is no headstone.

Joseph Linley’s Burial Place. All Saints Church, Darfield, Yorkshire. 22 March 2022. Photo: Clare Hopkins

Family Members:

Wife:Elizabeth Ann HELLEWELL 1845-1909
Son (Direct Ancestor):John LINLEY 1877-1955
Father:Samuel LINDLEY 1818-1847
Mother:Ann WHITTAKER 1816-1889

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