We went for a lovely, autumnal walk around Irchester Country Park. I think everybody else had the same idea as it was very busy here today. Northamptonshire has a great choice of country parks across the county, and Irchester is one of the kids’ favourites.

At Irchester Country Park there is an Ironstone Railway Museum, we had never been before but we took a wander down to see the narrow gauge trains. There were some trains running up and down the track today and engineers working on them. We had a brief look around the museum. It was ok. Not very big, the kids didn’t find it very interesting but some of the adults who were there did.

ironstone railway at rochester

We didn’t know where to walk next and ended up at a dead end – but Ben came to the rescue and knew exactly where he wanted to go. He wanted to find “the part of the woods with big trees”, the kids were running through the trees, and climbing along the way.

We did find the big trees Ben was looking for, but that route was not very pushchair friendly. I ended up carrying the baby, while Ben carried the pushchair.

trees at rochester country park

Then we found the dinosaur sculptures. These are lots of fun for the kids to practice their poses on.

The play area at Irchester was packed so we didn’t stay there for very long, and it’s difficult to get photos without other people’s children in the background, but they do have a big play area that seems to be very popular.

You can find more information about visiting Irchester Country Park on the Northamptonshire  Parks website. 

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