Hester Ellen Butler Bryan 1879-1944

Hester Ellen BUTLER BRYAN is my 2nd great grandmother. She was born at Brittas, Athlone, Westmeath on 25 February 18791. She is the daughter of Fergus BUTLER BRYAN and Rachel WALKER.

Date and Place of BirthNameSexName, Surname and Dwelling Place of FatherName, Surname and Maiden Surname of MotherRank or Profession of FatherInformantWhen Registered
25 February 1879. BrittasHester EllenFFergus BRYAN. BrittasRachel BRYAN formerly WALKERGentleman farmerIsabella BRYAN. Present at birth. Brittas01 April 1879

1901 Census

In 1901, Hester Ellen BUTLER BRYAN was 19 years old and living at home with her mother Rachel, who was widowed. The family were living at 4 Cransallagh, Tinamuck, King’s County, Ireland2.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadReligious ProfessionEducationAgeSexRank, Profession or OccupationMarriageWhere Born
Rachel B[UTLER] BRYANHeadChurch of IrelandRead & write56FFarmerWidowCo. Westmeath
Fergus B[UTLER] BRYANSonChurch of IrelandRead & write27MFarmer’s sonNot marriedCo. Westmeath
Robert B[UTLER] BRYANSonChurch of IrelandRead & write25MFarmer’s sonNot marriedCo. Westmeath
Hester B[UTLER] BRYANDaur.Church of IrelandRead & write19FFarmer’s daughterNot marriedCo. Westmeath
Lucinda B[UTLER] BRYANDaur.Church of IrelandRead & write16FScholarNot marriedCo. Westmeath
Ella B[UTLER] BRYANDaur.Church of IrelandRead & write14FScholarNot marriedCo. Westmeath


Patrick Joseph BEGADON married Hester Ellen BUTLER BRYAN on 18 August 1907 at the Roman Catholic Chapel of Boher, Limerick, Ireland3.

When MarriedName and SurnameAgeConditionRank or ProfessionResidenceFather’s Name and SurnameRank or Profession of Father
18 August 1907Patrick BEGADONFullBachelorJournalistAthloneJohn BEGADONTradesman
Hesther Ella BUTLER BRYANFullSpinsterFarmerBirdville, BallycumberFergus BUTLER BRYANGentleman
Joseph BRYAN & Maria GUINAN

1911 Census

In 1911, Patrick Joseph and Hester (Vester) BEGADON were living at 17 Foxcroft Lane, Portarlington, Laois4.

Name and SurnameRelation to Head of FamilyReligious ProfessionEducationAgeRank, Profession or OccupationParticulars as to MarriageWhere Born
Patrick BEGADONHeadRoman CatholicRead & write28JournalistMarriedAmerica
Vestor BEGADONWifeRoman CatholicRead & write27Married 4 years. 3 children, 3 livingCo. Westmeath
Vestor BEGADONDaughterRoman CatholicCannot read3SIngleKings Co.
Catherine BEGADONDaughterRoman CatholicCannot read1SingleCo. Westmeath
John BEGADONSonRoman CatholicCannot read5 monthsSingleQueens Co.


Mrs Hester E. BEGADON.

The sincere sympathy of his professional colleagues, and of the citizens in general, is extended to Mr. Patrick J. BEGADON, the well-known journalist, 20 Lady Lane, Waterford, in the sad bereavement occasioned him by the death of his wife, Mrs. Hester Ella BEGADON, which occurred at the County and City Infirmary early on Sunday morning. 

Daughter of the late Mr. William BUTLER-BRYAN and the late Mrs. BRYAN, Birdville, Ballycumber, Offaly, and of Kilkenny West, Glasson, Co. Westmeath, the deceased lady had been resident in Waterford City for the past twenty five years, and her passing is deeply regretted.

She was mother of Mr. John BEGADON, Waterford; Mrs. Helen GREAVES, High Wycombe, Bucks, England; Mrs. George JONES, Leabridge, Leyton Road, London; and Hilda BEGADON, Belfast. 

She was sister of Miss Emily BRYAN, Ballycumber; Mr. Fergus BRYAN, do.; and Mrs. W. KERR, Lurgan. Other surviving relatives are Miss Elizabeth BEGADON, manageress, Prior’s Bridge House, Athlone (sister-in-law); Mr. William BEGADON, retired post office official, Athlone (brother-in-law); and Mrs. Hannah BEGADON (daughter-in-law). 

The remains were moved from the Co. and City Infirmary on Tuesday to the cemetery, John’s Hill, where very Rev. Dean Leslie STEVENSON took the funeral service.

Obituary of Hester Ellen BUTLER BRYAN (BEGADON). Waterford Standard. 19 August 1944

Hester Ellen BUTLER BRYAN (BEGADON) died on 13 August 1944 at the County Infirmary, Waterford, Ireland5 at the age of 62. She was buried at Johns Hill Cemetery, Waterford, Ireland6.

Date and Place of DeathName and SurnameSexConditionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationCause of DeathInformantWhen Registered
13 August 1944. Co. InfirmaryHester Ella BEGADON. 20 Lady LaneFMarried62 yearsWife of journalistAsthma (cardiac) 11 daysP.J. BEGADON, widower. Present at death. 20 Lady Lane16 August 1944

In loving memory of Hester Ella BEGADON died 13 August 1944 , Her son John BEGADON died 10 November 1984, His wife Johanna BEGADON died 05 January 1994, Eva BEGADON Born 01 January 1914 died 16 December 2002.

At peace. 

Headstone Transcription. Johns Hill Cemetery, Waterford, Ireland.

Family Members:

Husband:Patrick Joseph BEGADON 1882-1954
Daughter (Direct Ancestor):Hester Mary BEGADON 1907-1992
Father:Fergus BUTLER BRYAN 1825-1892
Mother:Rachel B WALKER 1841-

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