Henry Newick 1857-1939

Henry NEWICK is the father of my great grandfather Sylvan Thomas NEWICK, who was born in Mayfield, Sussex on 27 January 18951. Silvan’s birth certificate tells us that Henry NEWICK was a farm labourer who was married to Emily DUPLOCK.

When and Where BornNameSexName and Surname of FatherName, Surname and Maiden Name of MotherOccupation of FatherInformantWhen Registered
27 January 1895. Hampdens Lodge, MayfieldSilvan ThomasBoyHenry NEWICKEmily NEWICK formerly DUPLOCKFarm labourerE NEWICK. Mother. Hampdens Lodge, Mayfield12 March 1895


Henry NEWICK was born at Stonegate, Sussex on 14 December 18572. His parents were Henry NEWICK (a labourer from Stonegate), and Frances FARLEY. The date of birth was calculated from the census returns, where it was either said that Henry was born in Ticehurst or Stonegate.

When BornNameSexName and Surname of FatherName and Maiden Surname of MotherRank or Profession of FatherInformantWhen Registered
14 December 1857. Stonegate, SussexHenryBoyHenry NEWICKFrances NEWICK formerly FARLEYLabourerHenry NEWICK. Father. Stonegate, Ticehurst04 January 1858

1861 Census

In 1861 Henry NEWICK Jnr. was 3 years old and living at Jordan’s Land, Willingdon, Sussex with his parents Henry Snr. & Frances NEWICK3.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
Henry NEWICKHeadMarried30Agricultural labourerEtchingham, Sussex
Frances NEWICKWifeMarried29Agricultural labourer’s wifeTicehurst, Sussex
James NEWICKSonUnmarried6ScholarTicehurst, Sussex
Emily NEWICKDaurUnmarried5ScholarTicehurst, Sussex
Henry NEWICKSon3ScholarTicehurst, Sussex
Joseph NEWICKSon11 monthsWillingdon, Sussex

1871 Census

In 1871 Henry NEWICK Jnr. was living at Barden Farm, Etchingham, Sussex4 with his father Henry Snr. and his 2nd wife Mary FRIEND. (Frances NEWICK (FARLEY) had died in July 18645. Daniel John NEWICK is the son of Henry & Mary NEWICK.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
Henry NEWICKHeadMarried40Agricultural labourerEtchingham, Sussex
Mary NEWICKWifeMarried40Ticehurst, Sussex
James NEWICKSonUnmarried16Agricultural labourerTicehurst, Sussex
Henry NEWICKSon13Agricultural labourerTicehurst, Sussex
Joseph NEWICKSon10Agricultural labourerWillingdon, Sussex
Daniel J NEWICKSon3Etchingham, Sussex

1881 Census

In 1881 Henry NEWICK was 22 years old, and he was working as a servant at Shawpits Farm, Hellingly, Sussex6, in the home of Thomas PIPER – a farmer of 300 acres.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
Henry NEWICKServantUnmarried22Agricultural labourerEtchingham, Sussex


Henry NEWICK and Emily DUPLOCK were married at St Dunstan’s Church at Mayfield, Sussex7. Both Henry NEWICK & Emily DUPLOCK were mentioned on their son Sylvan’s birth certificate.

When MarriedName and SurnameAgeConditionRank or ProfessionResidenceFather’s Name and SurnameRank or Profession of Father
12 August 1883Henry NEWICK25BachelorLabourerMayfieldHenry NEWICKLabourer
Emily DUPLOCK22SpinsterMayfieldCharles DUPLOCKLabourer
Witnesses: Henry SAUNDERS & Eliza SAUNDERS

1891 Census

In 1891 Henry and Emily NEWICK were living at Gold’s Farm, Mayfield, Sussex8 with 6 of their sons: Harry, Charlie, William, Albert, James and Arthur.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadConditionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
Henry NEWICKHeadMarried34Agricultural labourerTicehurst, Sussex
Emily NEWICKWifeMarried30Mayfield, Sussex
Harry NEWICKSon7ScholarMayfield, Sussex
Charlie NEWICKSon5Mayfield, Sussex
William James NEWICKSon3Mayfield, Sussex
Albert Henry NEWICKSon2Mayfield, Sussex
James Duplock NEWICKSon1Mayfield, Sussex
Arthur Ernest NEWICKSon3 monthsMayfield, Sussex

1901 Census

In 1901, Henry NEWICK was living at 1 Darby’s Cottages9 with his wife Emily and 9 of their children. Henry NEWICK was working as a carter on a farm.

Name and SurnameRelation to HeadCondition as to MarriageAgeProfession or OccupationWhere Born
Henry NEWICKHeadMarried43Carter on farmTicehurst, Stonegate, Sussex
Emily NEWICKWifeMarried40Mayfield, Sussex
Harry NEWICKSonSingle17Stock man on farmMayfield, Sussex
Charlie NEWICKSonSingle15Carters boy on farmMayfield, Sussex
William NEWICKSon13Carters boy on farmMayfield, Sussex
Albert NEWICKSon12ScholarMayfield, Sussex
James NEWICKSon11ScholarMayfield, Sussex
Arthur NEWICKSon10ScholarMayfield, Sussex
Frank NEWICKSon9ScholarMayfield, Sussex
May NEWICKDaur.8ScholarMayfield, Sussex
Sylvan NEWICKSon6ScholarMayfield, Sussex
Emily NEWICKDaur.4ScholarMayfield, Sussex

1911 Census

In 1911, Henry and Emily NEWICK were living at Darby’s Cottages, Wadhurst10 (the same address as in 1901). Henry NEWICK was working as a labourer on a farm, his sons Albert, James, Arthur and Sylvan were also working on a farm.

Name and SurnameRelationship to HeadAgeParticulars as to MarriageProfession or OccupationBirth Place
Henry NEWICKHead53MarriedWaggoner on farmStonegate, Sussex
Emily NEWICKWife50Married 28 years. 12 children, 12 living, 0 diedMayfield, Sussex
Albert Henry NEWICKSon22SingleLabourer on farmMayfield, Sussex
James Duplock NEWICKSon21SingleWaggoner on farmMayfield, Sussex
Arthur Ernest NEWICKSon20SingleLabourer on farmMayfield, Sussex
Frank NEWICKSon18SingleGardener (domestic)Mayfield, Sussex
Sylven Thomas NEWICKSon14SingleLabourer on farmMayfield, Sussex
Emily NEWICKDaughter14SchoolMayfield, Sussex
Edward Kingsley NEWICKSon8Wadhurst, Sussex


Henry NEWICK died at The Angle, Sparrows Green, Wadhurst, Sussex on 13 January 193911.

When and Where DiedName and SurnameSexAgeRank or ProfessionCause of DeathInformantWhen Registered
13 January 1939. The Angle, Sparrows Green, WadhurstHenry NEWICKMale81 yearsFormerly farm labourer1a. Cardiac syncope. b. Myocarditis. c. Arterio sclerosis. 2. RheumatismA H NEWICK. Son. Lower High Street, Wadhurst16 January 1939

SUDDEN DEATH OF MR. NEWICK – While walking on the path below his home on Friday Mr. Henry NEWICK, of The Angle, Sparrows Green, collapsed and died shortly afterwards. Mr. NEWICK, who was 81 years of age, suffered from rheumatism and he had been away from work that day. His cheerful disposition had endeared him to his many friends, who deeply regret his passing. He was employed by Sir George COURTHORPE, M.P., at Whiligh, Wadhurst. A native of Stonegate, he left Mayfield 40 years ago with his wife to make his home in Wadhurst. They had been married 57 years. He leaves a widow, six sons and two daughters. The funeral took place on Tuesday, the service at The Parish Church being conducted by the Rev. E. MANNERING. The coffin was borne by four of Mr. NEWICK’s fellow employees of Whiligh- Messrs. G. OYLER, RUMENS, POWER and HODGES. Mourners were Mrs. NEWICK (widow), Messrs. Bert, William and Jim NEWICK (sons), Mr. and Mrs. H. DUPLOCK (brother-in-law and sister), Mrs. Nellie NEWICK, Mrs. E. K. NEWICK (daughters-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. E. NEWICK, Mr. and Mrs. S. NEWICK (sons and daughters-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. Bert NYE, Mr. and Mrs. THOMPSETT (sons-in-law and daughters), Mrs. LORD, Mrs. F. NEWICK (daughters-in-law), Mr. Frank NEWICK, Miss Alice NEWICK, Miss Grace NEWICK, Mr. Jack NEWICK, Mr. Edward NEWICK (grandchildren), Mr. Arthur WOOLGAR, Mr. and Mrs. Bert NEWICK (nephews and nieces), Mr. ANDERSON (re-presenting Sir George COURTHOPE). Mr. Harry NEWICK, the eldest son, was unable to attend owing to illness. Among others present were Mr. HOWELL and Mr. STEMP. Flowers were from his Wife; Bert, Nellie, and Grandson; Will and family; Harry, Anne and Eileen (PERSHORE); Jim, Ena and Family; Ern, Hart and Family; May, Harold and Family; Sylvan, Hetty and Family; Emily, Bert, and Family; Lucy and little Maureen; Lizzie and Family; Bert, Lottie and Family; Fred, Jinny, Arthur and Min; Fellow Employees at Whiligh; his Old Pals at the Red Lion; a Friend; Mrs. COGGER and Emmie; Mrs. NEAL; Mr. and Mrs. F. NEWINGTON. The arrangements were carried out by Mr. A. J. GODDEN, undertaker, Wadhurst. 

Obituary. Henry NEWICK. Kent & Sussex Courier. 20 January 1939.

Family Members:

Wife:Emily DUPLOCK 1861-1943
Son (Direct Ancestor):Sylvan Thomas NEWICK 1895-1986
Father:Henry NEWICK 1830-1873
Mother:Frances FARLEY 1832-1864

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