Woodland Play at Hardwick Estate during Half Term

This morning we drove north to pick my mum up, who is coming to stay with us for the rest of half term. It’s a 2 hour drive for us (each way), and en route in Derbyshire – not far from the M1 – is the Hardwick Estate which is Hardwick Hall (National Trust), and Hardwick Old Hall (English Heritage).

Driving down the very long driveway through Hardwick, we passed a herd of cows who were grazing in the field but there were also a few walking down the road so I had to drive very carefully.
I am a member of both National Trust and English Heritage this year, thanks to a generous family who gifted us membership for my birthday, but my Mum isn’t. It wouldn’t have been very expensive to pay for her to visit, but as the goal was to find somewhere for the kids to run around for a while, we chose to walk around the estate for free.

The Lady Spencer walk had a Spider Trail to follow for half term so we chose that route, but there are several on Hardwick Estate, including The Welly Walk and The Sculpture Walk, which also would have been suitable for children.

woodland play hardwick estate

The kids enjoyed the woodland play trail, and wild play areas.

swing at hardwick estate

I think this is the most awesome fallen tree I have ever seen! What a great idea. My kids love to climb trees, standing or not!

We loved the outdoor fun that Hardwick Estate had to offer. Whenever the kids spend some time outdoors, their moods always improve. They were ready for the drive home, and now we also have Grandma join our adventures for a few days.

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