We have been in lockdown because of coronavirus for a whole month now!

The government announced last week that if you have children with special needs you can go by car to travel somewhere safer to walk. We haven’t all been out together since this whole thing started. It is really hard to walk on narrow paths around the village in a large group, especially if some of those children have ADHD too! So for us this is great news although we are aware that we still need to be careful.

I asked Ben to take the day off work to break up the monotony of entertaining the children at home, and we drove to Greno Woods.

This was our first visit here. We were hoping to find bluebells – I read on a blog that this was a good place to go to see bluebells but we didn’t see a single one. So that was disappointing.

There were a few cyclists in the woods because there are a lot of cycle paths throughout the woods. Also the main paths were wide enough for us all to walk together and still be able to social distance, although it wasn’t busy today!

We found a trail in the woods with things to walk along, through, and over. The kids enjoyed it (even the bigger ones).

It was so refreshing to be out and experience a glimpse of normal life. Being together outdoors, finding things to do, taking photos!

You can download a certificate for when you have completed the trail (perhaps more organised parents would have done their research already and have it to hand?). I had difficulty accessing the certificate by following their weblink, but I did a google search and found the link at Wildsheffield.com (click here). It is very cute for the little ones.

Having recently discovered the site WildSheffield.com, I thought it would be worth mentioning that it has loads of downloads for orienteering etc at Greno Woods. It also has a list of other Nature Reserves to visit in Sheffield. I can’t wait to get out of lockdown and see some of these beautiful places for myself.

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