When I was at Rootstech London a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to buy Ben a DNA test. I received my DNA results earlier this year, and it has helped verify several ancestors in my tree. We have posted Ben’s test off now, so we have to wait a few weeks for the results. I am very excited, it will be like an early Christmas present for me! I went with the Ancestry DNA test kit again, because that is where I am currently keeping my family tree. I have recently discovered how to do an autosomal transfer from Ancestry to MyHeritage, which I am really excited to explore more over the coming months.

A friend mentioned to me that I should be testing the DNA of the oldest living generation to get closer family matches, which for me means my grandparents. I am lucky enough to still have 3 of my grandparents living, but they are all living in Kent and Sussex, while I am here in Yorkshire!

So I decided I would travel south with Sam while the older kids were at school. I had planned to be there for my grandad’s birthday because I know how much he would have loved it. But then my Dad called and told me that he would be graduating university at the end of that week. So of course I wanted to be there for that too and then I could help Dad with the twins while he collects his masters degree.

I stayed the first night at my Nan’s house. She had told me that I could take all of her photos back with me to scan so I would have copies. I don’t have any photos from her side of the family because they are extremely special to her and she doesn’t let anyone see them, let alone take them out of the house. We spent hours going through the photos, and talking about them. Sadly though in the morning she had changed her mind and told me that she would prefer it if my cousins could scan them because I live too far away! I don’t have any hope of that happening, but I will keep trying to convince her in the hope that one day I can scan them for her. She is probably the only one who can identify the people in the photos.

Despite that disappointment, I enjoyed spending time with my Nan. She is good company and always finds the humour in life. She took me out for a lovely dinner, where I happily ordered from the Christmas menu (in November!) and I took her shopping.

The next day I went to Dad’s graduation before visiting my other grandparents. I am so proud of my Dad for getting his masters degree despite his age, his full time job, and baby twins (who were about 3 months old when he started). He has inspired me to do some more learning myself, but I’m just trying to find the right course.

After the graduation I was happy to see my Grandparents. When I was a child we used to live next door to them so we were close and spent a lot of time together. Sam and I were exhausted from all the travelling at this point, so as you can imagine, I had my hands full and I didn’t take any photos with any of my grandparents. This is the most recent photo I have of my grandparents, when we visited them last year on our way to Dover Castle.

Although I was exhausted by the time I got home, It was a very successful trip. I got to spend quality time with people I love, and I was able to collect the DNA myself and send it off in the post. As I mentioned before, I have recently transferred my DNA results to MyHeritage so I decided that I would buy the MyHeritage kits. The advantages of this were:

1. I am able to transfer my data along with my sister and mum so we can do a comparison. At some point in the future I want to use the information map my chromosomes.

2. MyHeritage DNA kits were Β£49 in Costco. This is the same price I bought the Ancestry kit for at Rootstech, which I think at this point in time is a good price.

3. You collect the DNA by cheek swabs. I thought this might be easier for them than mustering up enough saliva to fill a vial.

4. I was really impressed with the tools that MyHeritage offer to analyse the DNA.

Now I am looking forward to receiving the results as soon as they are ready. I had to send the MyHeritage tests to Texas, and the Ancestry test went to Ireland. I wonder which will be back first!?

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