I’m combining January and February, because this year has started off quite slowly I wasn’t sure if there was much to say! We have a busy month ahead, so it has been nice to take it easy for a while. But if you are wondering what we have been up to then please read on…

Days Out

In January Ben and I took the kids for a wintery walk to follow the new Highway Rat Trail at Fineshade Wood. During February half term I took the children into London on my own (the first time with all 5). Some say I was mad, but it was a very memorable day for us at the British Museum.But one of my favourite moments this month was when we went on a walk to buy doughnuts. We didn’t go very far, but after weeks of being poorly it was just lovely to get outside with the kids. 

Chicken Pox

Both Samuel and Max have taken it in turns to have the Chicken Pox this month. When you have a big family every illness seems to take weeks to leave the house – we have all had colds and other sickness so it hasn’t been a great month.Thankfully both Samuel and Max have not been too poorly with it and we have stayed home in the warm as much as possible.

Max turned 5

He has been counting down to his birthday all year. I think the 5th birthday is one of the most exciting, because you are old enough to remember your previous one, and everyone still gives you toys. Max loves everything so his presents were well received, and as it was his birthday a few days before the snow arrived it felt like Christmas! Everyone was sitting around the table playing play doh in their pyjamas. I walked over and asked what I could make and George (10) replied “you could make me breakfast!”. Cheeky.

I hope your 2018 has started well. I am now looking forward to the weather being warmer, I have been too cold for too long! We have a big family holiday coming up so I am still making plans, and hope to be able to share some of that with you here.

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