The kids are all back to school after half term. I love how quiet the house gets when they go back!! It’s so cold outside I have mostly just wanted to stay at home in the warm, cuddling up with Sam and watching cartoons. Ben took these beautiful frosty photos of Thurgoland. I love seeing our new village changing seasons and experiencing it for the first time.

We have now started decorating the house for Christmas.


Sam and I went to Kent for my Dad’s graduation. We were able to spend time with Dad, Natalie, and the twins. I also saw all of my grandparents while we were there.

We didn’t do any family travelling. We opted for a quiet month at home. It didn’t help that the kids started getting poorly (one by one) towards the end of the month.

Max’s Art

I just wanted to show this photo of a picture Max (6) made. He enjoys art, and he says that he is a “creative guy”. I love that creative guy. I plan to make this picture into our Christmas cards this year.

Family History

I am still working through my DNA results, and I came across a cousin with a massive family tree, but no ancestors in common and his maternal grandfather was missing. I could see (by the DNA) that we were related to the Vidler and the Potten family so I put some work trying to find out who his grandfather might be. The trouble is, I have discovered that there are at least 3 marriages between the Vidlers and Pottens within 5 generations so it’s not something I could do in the end. I want to revisit this project in the future because it really interests me.

I loved my experience at Rootstech last month. While I was there I bought Ben a DNA kit, and then realised I needed to get some for my grandparents too and ordered some extras online. I saw all my grandparents when I visited Kent for my Dad’s graduation. I am interested to see the results!

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