This month has been so bizarre! I thought I would be here talking about days out, home projects, and family history as per normal but instead I’m going to be writing about how the Coronavirus has been affecting our family this month.

I don’t watch a lot of news, if there’s anything important going on then Ben will usually tell me and then I’ll read about it. I was only aware of the rumours of Coronavirus Covid-19 from around February half term. So everything we did from that point was with awareness of a possible pandemic until it was made official on 12th March.

6th March

We had our first sunny day of the year! Sam and I spent the afternoon at nearby Brodsworth Hall. We had such a great time that I had decided we were going to make the most of this year before he starts pre-school in September by travelling to more places together. That is no longer possible due to the measures that have been put in place to limit the spread of coronavirus.

7th and 8th March

We went to Darfield village to see if we could find any family graves, and to find details of the Heritage Trail which we intend to go back and walk another time. Now the sun is out we have also started to consider making some changes to the garden. We went to a nearby garden centre and had lunch.

We also had family visit us for the weekend. We took them on the Thurgoland Heritage Trail walk to show them the village. On Sunday they came to church with us. We didn’t know that it would be our last Sunday at church for a while. Later that week it was announced that the church would be limiting gatherings of it’s members, meaning that we would have to hold church at home within our own families.

I know this sounds like a relatively normal weekend, but I don’t know if this is the end of what feels “normal”?

14th March

I made a joke on facebook that my “new and completely useless” passport arrived today. Just as it was mentioned on the news that countries were closing their borders to try and limit the spread of the coronavirus. It has slowly emerged throughout the month that we are unlikely to be travelling for the next few months (at least). So we have cancelled our holiday to Disneyland Paris next month.

18th March

It was announced that schools would be closing on 20th March. I decided that I would take my children out of school immediately to try and limit our exposure to the virus as there are so many of us in the house (my brother and his children are still living with us). The National Trust had announced that they were going to close their properties but leave their gardens open for the public to use. I took my children to Wentworth Castle Gardens for a walk around the grounds. A few days later the National Trust had to reverse their decision because it was encouraging social gatherings as several of their properties were overrun at the weekend.

22nd March (Mother’s Day)

Avoiding people due to social distancing, we went into the Peak District. We didn’t realise that this was the last time we have all been out in the car together. New measures have been put in place which restricts all non-essential travel. So now we only leave the house to go to the supermarket or for a walk. We are fortunate that Ben already works from home so it hasn’t affected his job. New restrictions have changed the lives of so many people.

23rd March onwards…

We are all at home. All the time. Me, Ben, our 5 children, my brother, and his 2 children. The school is sending work home but that is not really happening right now. We are allowed a walk for exercise once a day or to do essential shopping. There have been some stressful moments, highs and lows, but right now I just want to cling to the positive because that’s how I am going to make it through! Like Sam calling balloons “babloons” and making me kiss his toes and nose when he hurts them; and Isabel making Max a present because he was sad; and Max writing his own journal entry and then turning it into a reading comprehension test for me; and George hugging me whenever I am sad; and Oliver playing with Sam so I can get a minute’s peace πŸ™‚

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