The Great Outdoors

Happy New Year! We love starting the new year with a family walk. We decided to leave the older kids home in the warm while we took Max and Sam to a nearby village, Oxspring. Ben wanted to walk from the park to the top of the hill. It wasn’t far and the views were beautiful but it was extremely cold.

We took all the kids for a wet wintry walk at Agden Reservoir in the Peak District. A reminder of how adventurous my family are and how great it is to spend time together.

We had a day out in York. We went to Clifford’s Tower, York Minster, The Shambles, and ate our way around the city including Yorkshire Pudding Wraps, and Ice Cream make with liquid nitrogen.

Home and Family Life

Now Sam is 2 1/2, Ben and I made the decision to put Sam into preschool for a couple of mornings a week. He is used to playing with older children so I was nervous about him spending time with children his own age. He has been super duper and he goes in with no fuss, and gives me the biggest hugs when I come to collect him. It is going to give me a chance to work on setting up a new career as a genealogist. So watch this space.

Family History

I have been delving deeper into my family history in Thurgoland. Earlier this month I made an exciting discovery about a book and photographs of people who lived in the village 100 years ago and hope to build on that information soon. Sam and I had an afternoon walk along the Trans Pennine Trail and parked outside my 3rd great grandfather’s house.

I made it a new year’s goal to find a picture of my great grandmother but no luck yet! I have managed to trace some of her life with census and poor house records. I’m wondering whether any actually exist. If there is one out there, I hope to find it.

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