I don’t know if it’s because we live in Yorkshire, but the February weather has been unbearable! We have had high winds, rain, snow and a couple of storms. This means we haven’t been out much but that doesn’t mean we had a quiet month!

Home Life

I started the month with plans for a kitchen renovation. I have been so fed up with all the browns in the house, especially in the kitchen where I spend a lot of time, so I removed all the tiles from the wall. The place stayed like this for 2 weeks until the tiler came. I’ll show the end result another time!

Changes to the house has come to a halt at the moment because as soon as the tiles were up and I put the kitchen back together, my brother and 3 of his children came to stay with us for a few weeks. They have been living in Denmark for 7 years and are moving back to England. Until they have set up their own place they are staying with us so we have a house full of children. It’s hard work but I love it.

We had a massive reason to celebrate this month because Ben got the promotion he has been working towards for the last few years. He is now a Director at the company he works for and I couldn’t be more proud of him. We went out to celebrate a couple of times with family.

We also went out for a Valentines Dinner. Since we had kids we have never had the opportunity to do! We love living near family and it’s lovely that they want to spend time with the children.

Travel and Outdoors

Ben and the kids discovered the local skate park and they have been a few times after school and at the weekends.

We went for a walk in the Peak District at Mam Tor Old Road. It was so much fun. We managed to get back home before the storm arrived!

Family History

While Sam is at Preschool, I have been indexing graves at the local churchyard for Find A Grave. I can only do it for about 20 minutes at a time before the cold makes my hands go numb. I am hoping to do some more of this in the spring and summer. I have found out that I am related to a lot of the people who are buried there!

MyHeritage have released a new tool to add colour to black and white photos. I just found out that there are only a few that you can do for free, but the feature is part of their subscription service. Here is Ben’s paternal grandfather and my paternal grandparents in colour. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go!

Max’s 7th Birthday

Poor Max’s birthday has been a bit overlooked this year, which can sometimes happen in a big family. My nephew Logan’s birthday was 2 days before and we still had loads of cake leftover – so no cake. Then his birthday was the same day as the school disco – so no party. He asked for a hamper of food (which is a family tradition of ours), and a special bath which is a deep, hot bath with candles around the room because a 7 year old just has to relax! Happy Birthday little dude.

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