This year was our first Christmas in our new home, and for the first time ever in our whole lives we were able to hang our stockings by the fire. I enjoyed finding new places for our decorations, even though they didn’t stay put for long thanks to the 2 year old in the house.

It has been a typical December with a sickness bug going around the kids in the first couple of weeks, followed by school plays (Max was an excellent King Herod this year), and parties until the children break up from school. Honestly we were just looking for a Christmas break with nowhere else to be! 

We hosted Christmas at our house with some of the family this year. I didn’t have to do too much. Mum and Paul made an epic Christmas dinner, complete with Christmas goose. 

The Great Outdoors

Earlier this month we found the first signs of snow ‘up north’. Looking out towards the Peak District we could see a white hill. So, as we were looking for somewhere to walk, we decided to walk on the snowy hill. What we didn’t realise is that it was extremely windy on the hill and it was still snowing so the ice was hitting us in the face. We didn’t last long outside but we managed to snap a quick family pic of our first snow day in Yorkshire.

Between Christmas and new year Ben and I took Max and Sam for a refreshing walk at Broomhead Estate near Wigtwizzle. We met a local on the route, and he told us that there used to be a hall on the estate (it took us a while to realise he wasn’t saying “hole”). We enjoyed our stroll – Sam is still very slow and easily distracted so it takes a while to walk anywhere. It is difficult to take children of different ages out and keep everyone happy so we have decided that we prefer not to take the teenagers walking with us now unless they want to come. 

Family History

Earlier this month I was accepted to do a masters degree in genealogical studies. I was inspired by my Dad last month when he graduated with his masters in Architecture. I have a passion for family history and hope to make it into a career when the kids are all at school in a year and a half! Sorry to be counting down the days Sam, but I am excited about this. 

We took the children on a Thurgoland history walk to walk the steps of our ancestors who lived in the village. We saw the mills where they worked, and the houses where they lived.

Ben, Sam and I went out for a lunch at the local pub and even found more evidence of our ancestors on the wall! I feel like there are signs of them all around us. Oh, and Sam is going through a phase where he leans to the side to have his photo taken (since August/September!)

I really enjoyed our quiet December. Now I’m going to spend January thinking about holidays for 2020. I love New Year! I hope you have a good one. 

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