I think we would all agree that this has been the strangest month of our lives. The government announced in mid-March that we were having to stay at home because of the coronavirus pandemic. I have already written a post about a typical day in isolation with the kids. This is what it was like having a whole month at home:


April always starts with Ben’s birthday. We did our best to celebrate at home, with a delicious homemade lemon and blueberry cake. He bought himself a drone as a present to himself and he has already taken some amazing pictures of Thurgoland.

George turned 13 this month! People used to tell me that he would mellow as a teenager and I think it might be true (although it’s early days, I don’t want to speak too soon!). We celebrated – at home – with take away pizza and a vanilla birthday cake with not much icing.

It was also mine and Ben’s 18th wedding anniversary. As we couldn’t go out for dinner, Ben decided he wanted to cook for me so he made me a lovely Thai meal. He has been cooking me Thai food ever since – at least a few times a week to make up for the fact that there are no Chinese take aways open at the moment – and to give me a break in the evenings.

Home School

The children had two weeks off over easter, but now it’s officially term time (even though they are obviously at home) and they need to be home schooled. I’m annoyed by this because i’ll add it to the list of things that are flipping difficult to do with a 2 year old at home. So Isabel and George have their work assigned and I am going for a more relaxed approach with the children who are still at primary school. So far it has involved walking, baking, painting, working at the allotment, and the occasional worksheet for the times when I am more organised.

Family History

I have been doing my best to carry on building my tree while the kids have been off. I was feeling overwhelmed and so chose to research 1 person a week. I wrote about Isaac Button, a potter on my Dad’s side, and Charles Newick, a soldier who died in WWII on my Mum’s side.

I also opened an Etsy shop to sell Family Trees. I have one design so far, which I love, and I’m currently working on a second design.

Days Out

I would have loved to fill this section, especially with the crazy amazing weather we have had for the last month. We walked in the local area this month, including spending some quality family time in Greno Woods.


We have spent a few mornings down our new allotment recently. We took it on at the end of last summer and it was extremely overgrown. We share it with my Mum and my brother Matt so we haven’t been working on it alone, we take turns to dig. After a few weeks of digging we are ready to start planting and I’m excited to see how it’s going to develop.

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