After the busy day we had yesterday atΒ Bedgebury Pinetum, then an afternoon at the seaside, and spending the night with all the children in the same hotel room, I am absolutely exhausted today. When they woke me up at 6:15, all I wanted to do was go home. So I changed our plans for the day and found somewhere that was en route.

Taking the kids to a quiet garden is never a good idea if we didn’t get much sleep so I didn’t want to be there for very long. The plan was to have a walk, go to the toilets and grab a sandwich then leave before they can make too big an impact on the place.

I didn’t recognise it at first, but when I saw the Rose Garden I realised that we had been there before – 7 years ago when the kids were much smaller.

We walked up towards the restaurant/toilets. And I do mean up! I forgot that if you go anywhere in the Sevenoaks area there are always hills. Near the restaurant they have a forest play area that had attracted all the kids, it was quite busy, but the kids there were all much younger. So when my older boys want to play it can be quite stressful for me, especially when large sticks are involved. They had den building, but today the boys were more in the mood for den wrecking.

I think I preferred it here when the kids were younger. Look how cute they were…

But it is a very beautiful Garden, I just wouldn’t recommend it for older children. They probably would have enjoyed the forest walks, but they aren’t suitable for pushchairs and… well… hills. So we weren’t able to do that today.

You can find more details about Emmetts Garden on the National Trust website, by clicking here.

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