Wharncliffe Crags, South Yorkshire

Ben is still in the honeymoon period with his new drone (as introduced last week in Thurgoland from above). I must admit, out of all the gadgets that he has bought in the past the drone is one of my favourites. I love all the photos we have of the children, and now we can see everyone from a new perspective. He has wanted to go to Wharncliffe Crags to get some footage of an awesome family walk.

Scout Dyke Reservoir, South Yorkshire

We are really enjoying exploring our local area. If you follow my blog, you might have realised that we are an outdoors-loving family. Having lived in Yorkshire for only 10 months now, there are so many places that we are discovering for the first time. Last week it was Greno Woods, and this bank holiday weekend it was Wharncliffe Crags and Scout Dyke.

Greno Woods, South Yorkshire

The government announced last week that if you have children with special needs you can go by car to travel somewhere safer to walk. We haven’t all been out together since this whole thing started. It is really hard to walk on narrow paths around the village in a large group, especially if some of those children have ADHD too!