Family Life

Samuel’s 2nd Birthday

I will never have another 1 year old again. Ever. Even though that seems sad to me, I also think it’s liberating to be moving on from him scribbling on the walls, throwing things down the toilet, and tipping hot chocolate powder all over the kitchen floor. To be approaching that age when there will be no more nappies, pushchairs, or daytime nap schedules.

Family Life – January 2019

January is a difficult month because (other than the fact it seems like the longest month of the year) we spend a lot of time indoors. Read about what we did in January, featuring some of our favourite moments.

Family Life – December 2018

December has been a brilliant month for us, one of the biggest changes is that Ben is now working from home permanently. We also enjoyed family time, Christmas, and we are looking forward to the New Year…

The Christmas Present we gave our Children

Over the last 14 years of being parents we have used different strategies of buying Christmas presents. As you can imagine, having 5 children makes Christmas a busy and expensive time of year. We usually follow the rule “something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read”. This year even that seemed like we were buying our children too much.

Our Christmas in Pictures 2018

We realised that this might be our last Christmas in our home, so because of that I wanted to take as many pictures as I could to remember how it is. So here are my favourite pictures of Christmas Day and Boxing Day 2018.

Family Life – November 2018

Ben and Clare (the blog) is a month old! I haven’t shared as much as I wanted to, but we are just getting warmed up. Here is a what we have been up to during the last month.

Traditional Advent Calendars

I might be old fashioned, because I love traditions. It has been traditional for our family to buy the chocolate calendars every year, but now I am looking at alternatives to start a new tradition. A tradition that is about having something long-lasting and meaningful to our family.

What does a Mid-life Crisis look like?

I sometimes wonder if I am having a mid-life crisis? If I was, what would that look like? I always thought that buying a new sports car was the cliché. Ben has hinted that he might buy one next year and as we are the same age perhaps we are mid-life after all?