Family History

52 Stories #3 with Carly Ford

In this week’s 52 stories, Carly writes about the 3 main values her parents lived by, and tried to instil in her.

Reading my AncestryDNA Results

For Christmas this year, Ben thoughtfully bought me an Ancestry DNA kit. He knows how much I love Family History, and how much time I devote to learning, researching, and now writing about Genealogy. Read my results here, and find out what I intend to do with the information.

52 Stories #2 with Isabel Hopkins

At school this year (year 9) I chose to do my Duke of Edinburgh bronze award, which gives you the opportunity to try new things and help the community. There are 3 months of skills, physical, volunteering, finishing with a 2 day expedition. There is also an additional 3 months in whichever section you would like to do more of (excluding the expedition).

Kilsby Village

Shortly after we moved to Northampton from Kent in 2011, I made a big discovery on my paternal line. I found out that the Greaves family lived in Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire between 1800’s and 1500’s. I was going through a phase of questioning where “home” was for me. It made me feel more settled in Northamptonshire, knowing that my family lived here hundreds of years before me.

How to Start Researching your Family History for Free

Many years ago I started researching my family history online. I was young, and newly married, so I didn’t want to pay out for what seemed like expensive subscriptions when I first started out. There are some invaluable websites out there for people who are looking to research for free.

52 Stories #1 with Clare Hopkins

One of the things I have learnt through family history, is the effect that your past can have on your future, and the future of those around you. You have a story that only you can share. Join us this New Year in sharing your story.

The Family Business

Earlier this month I finally shut down my company that I had been running for the last 10 years. Read about how my forefathers influenced my career in the construction industry.

52 Stories

In 2017, FamilySearch launched 52 stories. It is a set of questions to help you write your family story. The idea is that you answer one question a week so at the end of the year you will have a collection of stories all about yourself. Find out how to write your own story.

5 Fun Things You Can Do with a FamilySearch Account

I spent Tuesday evening at our local Family History Library where I showed the patrons some cool features I found on the Family Tree App (by, and affiliated websites. These are some of the fun ways you can use your FamilySearch account.

100 Years of Remembrance – World War I Family History

Sharing the best websites to search for WWI records. Commemorating 100 years of remembrance.