I had a spontaneous moment yesterday. I jumped up from watching PJ Masks with Sam (2), and just felt the need to be out in the Spring air. This is the first day this year that I think we have had some sunshine. I just wanted to enjoy it!

Play Area

I wanted to go somewhere that had a play area for Sam. Our local parks are still water-logged and muddy so they have been a no-go recently. I have always found the English Heritage parks to be well maintained and can be used all year round.

We found the play area straight away and it was empty! There is a sign on the gate saying it was for Under 7’s. There wasn’t much Sam could do on his own – he needed help with the seesaw, swing, and even the slide because there was a climbing frame instead of steps. So much for sitting quietly while he played. We had fun together anyway!

The Gardens

My favourite part was walking around the gardens with Sam. We just stood on the pathway and took some deep breaths of the fresh Spring air. So much has been going on recently that I just needed to reset.

We walked around the gardens for most of the next hour. It wasn’t busy, and the only thing we could hear were the birds. Every time we passed a bench, Sam wanted to sit down and say “let’s have a rest”. When we were sitting on a bench in the sunshine, a little robin hopped up to us and stayed near us for a quite a while. Sam was taken with the robin, but he couldn’t say robin, he kept calling it Lauren. I don’t know if you can see our little robin friend “Lauren” in this picture?

The house wasn’t open because it was mid-week and off-season so we stayed outside the whole time. We bought a kids lunch in the cafe and ate it in the courtyard because it was just too nice outdoors to stay in.

That really was the loveliest afternoon that Sam and I have had in a long time. I’m thinking of starting a Friday Funday for little adventures with him before he starts school next year.

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