The kids have been back at school for a month now, and I feel like I am getting my mojo back after what felt like a long and difficult summer.

Earlier this week we went out with Family to Wrest Park for a walk. Ben took the day off work (it’s rare and therefore special to have Ben around during the day). Ben took this photo of me and Sam which I love, and I don’t often say that about photos of me!

Even though I am loving the peace with Sam during the day, term time comes with its own challenges – especially the emotional rollercoaster that is having a child with SEN starting a new school, the twice a day uphill slog to the primary school, and of course all the hours I spend with children doing homework 1:1 (because if you sit 2 of my boys down together and give your attention to one, guaranteed that as soon as you turn around the other has completely disappeared).

Also, I need to mention – as this post is mostly about Oliver – he recently turned 10!! Happy Birthday 🙂

I was talking to my Mum and my sister about coming to South Yorkshire to visit this weekend and I mentioned that Oliver needed to do a project for his Tudor homework. Usually I leave it up to the kids to decide how they want to do their own projects, but sometimes these projects are displayed to the parents and I’m always the one who cringes because we should have made more of an effort!

I remember when I was in primary school our whole class went by bus to sit on the roadside opposite a Tudor house in Kent (which was a restaurant) so we could sketch it. I was hoping Oliver would want to do a similar thing as that small event 25 years ago is something I can still remember now. (As well as the school trip we took to my own house when our extension was being built and I was annoyed that they made me go back to school to then have to walk home again!!)

My sister suggested Bishops’ House in Sheffield – a Tudor house we could visit which is free entry, open at the weekend, and right next to a park.

When we got there Oliver was in a bit of a mood and refused to smile for any photos – I’m not sure why. He said that he didn’t have any breakfast, I don’t why he didn’t (he had the opportunity) or why that affects his ability to smile. I told him that if he didn’t smile then he would have to do a different project because I don’t want him to use my photos. The jury’s still out as to whether he can use these or not…

Upstairs they had a room with dressing up clothes. George (11) was the first in there and managed to squeeze himself into a dress for a 6 year old. He tried on about 3 different ones in the end. Isabel (13) kept trying to dress Sam (1) because he looks so cute in an oversized tunic. I couldn’t get any photos of him because now he is running around he is just a blur. But Oliver did pose for a photo, and look kind of happy, by the end of our tour of the house.

When we had finished in the house we went outside to the park. It is set on a hill so there are great views of Sheffield. It had been raining this morning so everything was still wet.

Bishops’ House is a lovely place to visit, and the staff there were happy to help and answer any questions. A popular place for kids to do their Tudor homework.

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