We are on our way to Scotland! I have never been before and I’m really looking forward to it. It is such a long drive so we planned to stop at least every 2 hours, otherwise I think it is such a long time (for the baby especially) to be in the car. One of our planned stops was Biddulph Grange Garden.

The National Trust describe it as a “quirky playful paradise” and that sounded perfect for us. Sometimes when we go to these beautiful gardens I watch the people without children walking around, admiring the plants and reading the tags on the trees while they discuss it in their low voices and nod at each other and I think “maybe one day”. For now I am busy trying to keep up with the children, counting heads to make sure that no one has wandered off too far. I have mentioned before that I have a child with ADHD, and because of this I try and make sure that we are constantly moving so there is less opportunity for him to get himself into trouble. That wasn’t a problem here, at first it seemed like a formal garden, but there was plenty for the kids to explore. The lake was even a little calming for even the most energetic of my children, they sat and watched the Koi Carp and the ducks.

George has a fiddle toy with him all the time. His name is Mr Tiddles. He found it at school one day and his school teacher let him keep it as a “class pet” that sits on George’s desk during lesson time. The rest of the time he is in George’s pocket. Well today George found Mr Tiddles a home at the lake, which amused the children and they enjoyed taking photos of Mr Tiddles on a lily pad. George likes to keep his teacher updated with all of Mr Tiddles’ adventures.

We walked around the pinetum. The kids were able to go through tunnels, clamber over rocks, and explore amongst the trees. There were lots of interesting features in the garden including the Cheshire Cottage and The Dahlia Walk.

Today we took our first family photo as a family of 7! Tomorrow we will finish our journey to Scotland.

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