Bert Albert Frederick Flisher 1909-1995

Bert Albert Frederick FLISHER is my great grandfather. He was the son of George Edward FLISHER and Alice Eliza DURRANT. He was born on 10 July 1909 at 19 Fort Pitt Street, Chatham, Kent1.

When and Where BornNameSexName and Surname of FatherName, Surname and Maiden Name of MotherOccupation of FatherInformantWhen Registered
10 July 1909. 19 Fort Pitt Street, ChathamBert Albert FrederickBoyGeorge FLISHERAlice FLISHER late ALLARD formerly DURRANTGeneral labourerAlice FLISHER. Mother. 19 Fort Pitt Street, Chatham31 July 1909

1911 Census

In 1911, Bert Albert Frederick FLISHER was 3 years old living at 61a Best Back Street, Chatham, Kent2 with his parents George and Alice FLISHER and his siblings Emilie Ann ALLARD (from his mother’s first marriage), George James Thomas FLISHER, and John Edward FLISHER (also known as Jack). His half-siblings Florence and Winifred ALLARD have been crossed out, presumably because they were not present at home on the night when the census was taken. There was also some confusion as to how many children were born during the marriage, because George Edward FLISHER and Alice Eliza DURRANT had 3 children together by this point, but they were born before the marriage which took place on 20 November 19103.

Name and SurnameRelationship to HeadAgeParticulars as to MarriageProfession or OccupationBirthplace
George Edward FLISHERHead42MarriedCarmanDymchurch, Kent
Alice FLISHERWife38Married under 1 year. 3 children, 3 living.Rochester, Kent
Florence ALLARDStep daughter18SingleServant domesticMedway Union Chatham
Winifred Beatrice ALLARDStep daughter16SingleIndustrial schoolRochester
Emilie Ann ALLARDStep daughter13SingleSchoolRochester, Kent
George James Thomas FLISHERSon9SingleRochester, Kent
John Edward FLISHERSon6SingleDymchurch, Kent
Bert Albert Frederick FLISHERSon2SingleChatham, Kent
Walter Henry HOLDERBoarder23SingleWaggoner mateChatham, Kent


Bert Albert Frederick FLISHER married Alice SPANTON on 14 August 1939 at the Register Office, Maidstone, Kent4.

When MarriedName and SurnameAgeConditionRank or ProfessionResidenceFather’s Name and SurnameRank or Profession of Father
14 August 1939Albert Frederick FLISHER30BachelorFarm labourer2 Kingsmans Yard, Upper Stone Street, MaidstoneGeorge FLISHERFarm labourer
Alice SPANTON27Spinster2 Kingsmans Yard, Upper Stone Street, MaidstoneCharles SPANTON (deceased)Builder’s labourer
Witnesses: G J ROFFE and Mary HARRIS

1939 Register

In 1939, Bert Albert Frederick FLISHER and Alice SPANTON (FLISHER) were living at Castlemaine Farm, Horsmonden, Kent5. They were working as land workers and hop pickers. Bert’s mother Alice DURRANT (FLISHER) was also there working as a hop picker along with Bert’s sisters Dinah and Ellen FLISHER. The 3 closed records are Bert and Alice’s 3 eldest children, who are still living.

Surnames and Other NamesM or FDate of BirthS M W or DPersonal Occupation
Alice FLISHERF09 March 1912MHoppicker
Albert F FLISHERM10 July 1909MLand worker
Closed record
Closed record
Closed record

Alice SPANTON (FLISHER) died in 1948, and Bert Albert Frederick FLISHER went on to marry two more times. The next marriage was to Ethel Eliza GASSON on 28 February 18496, and the third marriage was to Jane COMBER on 30 June 19617.

Bert Albert Frederick FLISHER and my baby sister Rebecca


Bert Albert Frederick FLISHER died on 27 April 1995 at Pembury Hospital, Pembury, Kent.

Date and Place of Death:27 April 1995. Pembury Hospital, Pembury
Name and Surname:Albert Frederick FLISHER
Sex: Male
Date and Place of Birth:10 July 1909. Chatham, Kent
Occupation and Usual Address:Farm labourer (retired). 16 Marvillion Court, East Peckham, Kent
Name and Surname of Informant:Albert Frederick FLISHER
Usual Address:19a Egerton Road, Ringlestone, Maidstone, Kent
Cause of death:1a. Carcinomatosis. b. Carcinoma of the bronchus
Date of Registration:01 May 1995

Family Members:

Wife:Alice SPANTON 1912-1948
Father:George Edward FLISHER 1869-1952
Mother:Alice Eliza DURRANT 1873-1947

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