This week I have been thinking about my beloved home county Kent, and the things that we enjoyed doing when we lived there.

Last year Ben was away for my birthday WEEK. My birthday falls in the summer holidays, and I didn’t want to be home on my own with the children. To cheer myself up I took them on a little holiday to Kent and Sussex. It is my ‘hood so I know all the best places to visit, and with a newborn baby I wanted to go somewhere that was easy and familiar.

The first place I took them to was Bedgebury Pinetum. Bedgebury belongs to the Forestry Commission, and we have visited a few times in previous years when we were living close by.

About Bedgebury Pinetum

Bedgebury Pinetum is a National Pinetum and forest in Kent, which is open to visitors all year round for outdoor activities. They have plenty of cycle routes, and a Go Ape! We went there for the children to get some fresh air and fun. Bedgebury had more play areas for the children than I remembered from our previous visits.

Things for the Kids to Enjoy

I love looking back on photos when the kids used to play. George (10) was going through a stage where he would only climb on play equipment, and Isabel (11) was just sitting on the swings scrolling through Instagram. Max (4) and Oliver (8) were great ages for playing, and Sam (12 weeks old) was just snoozing in the pushchair.

The main play area seemed a bit young for my older children, so we decided we would go for a walk. We walked around the corner and there was another play area!

And every time we would walk on, we kept discovering new play areas. There was enough variety to keep all ages interested. The older children especially loved the assault course. Max just loves to play on anything.

Bedgebury Pinetum kept the kids busy for hours. The kids also pretended they were playing “Temple Run” as they ran through the forest.

It really is a beautiful place, and there was so much to do. In the end I did have a wonderful birthday with my lovely kiddies, and I’m gutted that my husband missed out on all the fun.

Have you been to Bedgebury Pinetum? Let me know what you loved about it.

Clare xx

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