Trans Pennine Trail – Thurgoland Section

The Trans Pennine Trail was once a railway, and is now a 207 mile path in the North of England that runs from Southport on the west coast, across the peaks, and all the way to Hornsea in the East. We have explored only about 20 miles of the trail so far, but today I only want to talk about our little section of the Upper Don Trail in Thurgoland.

The Lost Gardens Of Heligan, Cornwall

We first discovered The Lost Gardens of Heligan for ourselves on our first trip to Cornwall 9 years ago. Back then our oldest three children were quite young, and the Gardens have changed a bit since then (of course! That’s the nature of gardens). We found that The Gardens had a lot more to offer the children this time around – especially with the improvements they have made in The Jungle area

Samuel’s 2nd Birthday

I will never have another 1 year old again. Ever. Even though that seems sad to me, I also think it’s liberating to be moving on from him scribbling on the walls, throwing things down the toilet, and tipping hot chocolate powder all over the kitchen floor. To be approaching that age when there will be no more nappies, pushchairs, or daytime nap schedules.