Clare Hopkins

Dover Castle, Kent

As we were in Kent during half term visiting Grandparents, we decided that we would try to take the children to Dover Castle because neither Ben or I had been before and it’s fun to go somewhere new. We were hoping to combine the visit with a walk along the White Cliffs, but although we were experiencing an unusually warm February, the coast was covered in fog.

52 Stories #3 with Carly Ford

In this week’s 52 stories, Carly writes about the 3 main values her parents lived by, and tried to instil in her.

Breakfast Sausage and Egg Muffins

Inspired by our holiday to America, these delicious Breakfast Sausage and Egg Muffins are a good breakfast option. Breakfast Sausage is really simple to make with minced pork and a few herbs and spices.

Descanso Gardens, California

The second day of our road trip we were still in California, and we spent the morning at Descanso Botanical Gardens. Another early start for us jet-lagged brits, and it was already hot! We thought that the weather was hot all the time in California, but people kept telling us that we were having great weather.

Monrovia Falls, San Gabriel Mountains, California

Monrovia Falls is a cascading 30 foot waterfall located at Monrovia Canyon Park in the San Gabriel Mountains in California. When we arrived in California, we took our children there for an early morning hike.

Family Life – January 2019

January is a difficult month because (other than the fact it seems like the longest month of the year) we spend a lot of time indoors. Read about what we did in January, featuring some of our favourite moments.

Planning a Family Friendly American Road-trip

Last year our family of seven embarked on a 3-week road trip in California, Nevada, and Utah. It was a daunting prospect to be on the road with 5 children aged 12 and under, but we found a way to make it fun and manageable. It took a lot of forward planning to make our trip the best holiday we have ever had.

Reading my AncestryDNA Results

For Christmas this year, Ben thoughtfully bought me an Ancestry DNA kit. He knows how much I love Family History, and how much time I devote to learning, researching, and now writing about Genealogy. Read my results here, and find out what I intend to do with the information.

Exploring Bedgebury Pinetum with Kids

In 2017 Ben was away for my birthday WEEK. It was summer holidays and I didn’t want to be at home on my own with the children, so to cheer myself up I took them on a little holiday to Kent and Sussex. It is my ‘hood so I know all the best places to visit, and with a newborn baby I wanted to go somewhere that was easy and familiar.

Cherry Bakewell Cake

To distract myself from the house move, I decided I would make and share one of my favourite cake recipes ever, and serendipitously it is named after the village of Bakewell in the Peak District.

This Cherry Bakewell cake has a delicious (and simple to make) almond flavoured sponge, sandwiched together with cherry jam, and topped with plain icing.