Family Day at Alton Towers, including CBeebies Land

I remember being so desperate to go to Alton Towers when I was 11, I drank about 40 cans of the Nemesis drink to get free tickets in order to persuade my parents to take us. The drink was disgusting but it worked!

Now I’m older and live nearer we go more often and I don’t have to drink any blackcurrant and liquorice soda to get in! Last year our family bought Merlin passes and we used them all summer, then when we found out I was expecting a baby we sent them back to Merlin to freeze them, and just unfroze them last week. So we are now able to enjoy another summer at Merlin attractions (see Legoland and Warwick Castle)

Now Samuel is 5 weeks old and we are ready to start having awesome family adventures again. The first time out was Whipsnade Zoo, so this is only Day Out number 2. It is difficult to do big days out with a baby, but we will just take things slowly. An advantage of having merlin passes is that you don’t feel like you have to cram everything into one day, you can take it easy. Then you can come back for free if you feel like you have missed anything!

This year has been more difficult because now we have a big age difference between our children, including a 10 year old with ADHD, a preschooler who wants to keep up with his older siblings but isn’t tall enough to go on a lot of the rides, and a 5 week old baby who needs everything to be gentle and calm.

CBeebies Land

We started the day at CBeebies land, where we were all able to go on the Get-Set-Go Treetop Adventure, and the Postman Pat Parcel Post. The queues were convenient because i was able to feed Sam while we waited. Max (4) was the perfect age for these CBeebies rides, but the older kids were too “cool” but came on with us anyway. My kids always enjoy the opportunity to act younger even though they pretend that they don’t.

Max on Postman Pat Parcel Post

Ride Access Pass

My older son (10) was able to get a ride access pass because of his ADHD which fortunately means that he doesn’t have to queue as long as everyone else, so he gets to go on the rides with practically no waiting. Then afterwards he has to wait a certain amount of time before he can go on the next ride, and he can only use the pass 10 times. This year for the first time he was brave enough to go on two of the “big six” Thirteen and Oblivion. Going on Oblivion with George was my favourite part of the day. As soon as the ride started he said “I want to get off!” Then the whole ride I was worried for him, as soon as it stopped I said “are you ok?”, he just shrugged “yeah, of course”. Love the bravado of a 10 year old.

Family Time

Then we walked round the park looking for rides we could all enjoy together. Which actually meant that I waited near the ride with the baby while everyone else was able to go on. There wasn’t a lot we could do with Sam being so little, but we knew that based on experience from our previous visits. We were all able to ride the gondolas from one side of the park to the other which was nice and gentle.

Max was the biggest thrill-seeker of the day. In addition to the CBeebies rides, he was able to go on some (but not all!!) of the faster rides. Enterprise and the runaway train were his favourite.

Ben and Max standing in front of the Pinball Whizzer

We had a fabulous time. If you are thinking of visiting you can find more details about Alton Towers on their website

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