We can’t seem to get enough of the Peak District recently. Living right near it gives us so many opportunities to explore, and we try and go somewhere new every time. Ben wanted to go to Agden Reservoir. We put it into our map and when we got there we found it difficult to find the start of the walk.

Low Bradfield

We parked at a small car park near the village hall at Low Bradfield. There was a play area for the children and we promised we could come back to it after our walk. Walking towards the reservoir, the path passes alongside a river. It hasn’t been raining much recently and the river was shallow so the children who had cleverly worn their wellies walked through the river. There were parts that got deeper, which made me nervous.

The Revetment

The boys followed along the river, the rest of us walked along the bank, and around the corner the river turned into a revetment leading down from the reservoir. These are manmade steps to protect the area from flooding during heavy downpour. Because we have had a dry start to the year, there was hardly any water on the revetment which meant that we could walk along it. It was very shallow, I was only wearing ankle boots and I managed to keep my feet dry.

We stayed with the younger boys to keep them safe while the older boys had a great time climbing up and down the walls, and having water fights by kicking water at each other.

When I had had enough of their tomfoolery, we all walked up a nearby hill. The hill was extremely steep and slippery but we all managed to make it to the top. Of course, at the top of the hill was the reservoir that we wanted to walk around. We enjoyed the view from the top, looking over the reservoir to one side, and looking down the massive hill that we had all climbed up.

When we returned to the car (and the kids had 10 minutes play in the park), I took everyone’s boots off. Isabel has started to take her slippers with her in the car so she was fine. Sam, however, had soaking wet feet. I took his boots off and tipped water out of them and rung all the water out of his socks with the kids watching and shouting “Ewwww”.

Absolutely beautiful place. I am only writing about it because we had so much fun. I don’t want to forget about this perfect afternoon.

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