I was hoping that I would have more time for writing and family history during the coronavirus lockdown but I have had next to no time whatsoever! This weekend has been different because it has been Easter, which means Ben is around for 4 days in a row to give me a much needed break from the kids. He has taken over supervising two year old Sam and I have been able to use the time to do what I want. The main thing I do for myself is write this blog, and I wanted to get that in order.

I was disappointed with the way that my family tree was looking on the blog. I don’t often mention the tree that I have on this website, it is just hidden in the background. I wanted to be able to write about my ancestors, not just display dates and family connections. So I spent a little while setting up a new family tree so every ancestor will have their own page. I have only just set it up so there is only one page linked to the tree so far.

I am going to research and write about one family member a week (52 ancestors), and this week I started with Isaac Button. A peculiar choice to start with a second cousin 3x removed, but that’s where I am in my research! I managed to get a copy of “The Button Book” that my grandparents had told me about, which it turns out is 100 pages of information compiled in the 1980s by descendants of Francis Button and Hannah Wright (my 4th great grandparents). A copy of which was given to my Gran, inherited by my uncle, who made a copy for me.

The Button book started with newspaper articles about Isaac Button, who descended from potters and brick-makers. The newspaper articles talk about a documentary made about Isaac Button before he retired in the 1960’s, and the importance of his role as one of the last remaining country potters. The newspapers are cited on his family tree page along with photographs that I found online.

I shared the information with my family on our text chat group, and I learnt that my sister-in-law Lindsay makes beautiful pottery. She is wonderfully artistic. So today I discovered two potters in the family.

Lindsay’s Pottery displayed on a shelf

I love learning about people. I am going to continue working my way through the Button book. I found out that there is a road named after some Buttons at a nearby village. It’s disappointing that I can’t go out and see some of these places due to the current pandemic but I hope that won’t last for too much longer.

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