Thurgoland Heritage Trail

Ever since I found out that I had family that lived in Thurgoland over 100 years ago, I have been trying to find out as much as I can. Some of this information I have come across quite naturally and accidentally, like finding 3rd great grandfather Giles Button’s house when I was out walking with Sam. Or finding information about the wire mills while lunching in the pub.

Family Life – November 2019

The kids are all back to school after half term. I love how quiet the house gets when they go back!! It’s so cold outside I have mostly just wanted to stay at home in the warm, cuddling up with Sam and watching cartoons. Ben took these beautiful frosty photos of Thurgoland. I love seeing our new village changing seasons and experiencing it for the first time.

Family Life – June 2019

I don’t think I have experienced a month with such highs and lows as this month! It started off extremely stressfully. After selling our house in April, we still didn’t have a moving date! We knew it would be soon, actually we hoped it would have happened already. The move date kept getting pushed back and back until the end of the month, so it ended up being a month of goodbyes.